Tuesday, October 9, 2007

trouble of fedora 7.0 installation on Dell Dimension 5150

when install fedora 7.0 on Dell dimension 5150, there was trouble as following.

No matter you use Live-CD or Bootable DVD media, the installer will hang up
after showing following message.



The problem has something to do with assigning irq 12 to the mouse. If irq 12 is assigned the the mouse in bios it would work, but if irq 12 is not assigned to the bios mouse it would hang at the word ready.

In my case, I avoid the problem by following steps
1. At boot menu, select boot from image with graphical (make it highlighted)
2. Press tab key, the boot command line will appear
3. Appended following option to the command line


Above steps worked on my machine.

You can get more information from following URL


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