Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PrestaShop - Module Info - Agile membership new version with free membership support

A new version of Agile Membership management module is released today.
With this new version release, it now supports free membership. The following new features are added to existing many other features available now.

What's new
As store owner, you are able to setup unlimited number of free membership types.
What you need to do is set register products under membership category and set the price to 0.

For all free membership, the module will automatically apply following limits
- Each user can only use one time for each type of free membership type.
- If user try to order/purchase/buy the free membership type that he/she has been used before, a alert "do not quolify" message will be displayed on the shopping cart. See below screenshot image.
-Even if user add and purchase the same free membership type, it will not be added as valid membership.

What is Agile Membership management module?
Agile Membership management module is a PrestaShop membership module. It is easy to install and configure. It will help store owners manage their membership based online store effectively and focus on their on business. With Agile Membership, you will have control of membership fees, membership expiration, member only access contents.

To buy or see more detail, please visit

You can also see live demo here

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PrestaShop Module - Agile Task/Job Scheduler for PrestaShop 1.3x/1.4x

Today, has just released a new module - Agile Task/Job Scheduler for PrestaShop 1.3x/1.4x.

Agile task/job scheduler is a PrestaShop module that facilitates task/job scheduling function. By using Agile task/job scheduler, as PrestaShop owner/admin, you will be able to automate some of management tasks. For example you can set following task to be run automatically: store maintenance, announcements, daily stock/inventory report and daily order report by email.

  • You can schedule tasks/jobs to be executed at your specified time in PrestaShop
  • You specify frequency of the tasks/jobs by different intervals at minute, hour, week, day, month, or year level
  • For announcement tasks/job, you can select the announcement message display location such as home, left column, right column.
  • You are able to manage to tasks/jobs at your PrestaShop back office Tools - Tasks tab
  • You can easily enable and disable the task/jobs by one click at the task list
  • You are able to see the tasks/jobs execution history/log at your PrestaShop back office Tools - Task Log tab
  • You are able to specify to receive a email report of the task/job execution result, such as stock/inventory report, order sale report
  • The module is extensible, by using SQL Execution type of task/job, you can run any kind of SQL statement to update or get report from PrestaShop database.
  • By using Maintenance type of task, you can set your PrestaShop store to maintenance mode at scheduled time and restore to normal mode automatically.
  • By using Announcement type of task, you can display any messages ay your scheduled time, such as

Store maintenance announcement
Promotion announcement
News release announcement
Other kind of announcement

Demo site
You can have live demo experience here

Please contact us for admin access to the demo site

Where get the module
You can get more detailed information at

Screenshot images

List of task - back office - Tools tab - Tasks tab

Task details/editing page - back office - tools tasks

Task logs page - back office - tools tab- task logs tab

Announcement task - announcement displayed on home page
(You can choose to display on different locations such as left column/right column/home)

Task execution report by email report

Sunday, December 25, 2011

PrestaShop TIPS - Issues when your PrestaShop 1.4x at maintenance mode

Back ground information
This tips is for PrestaShop owner who are facing page error when you access your PrestaShop store at its maintenance mode.

As PrestaShop owner, you know there is a function that you can set your PrestaShop to maintenance mode to prevent user from accessing your store. You can set your store to maintenance mode at back office admin page.

Log in to your back office
Click Preference tab
Set "Enable store" to "No"
You can also set the some IP address to allow access from specific IP address

The issue
When you set your store at maintenance mode, general visitors will get an page error and most browsers will redirect visitor to some other pages or even goes to search page. Your store"maintenance message" only appears a few seconds. Below is images showing how this happens.

This is not good to your site, because it will give visitors wrong message.

This screen transit is from my Firefox browser.

This screen transit image is from my IE

Causes of the issue
Why this will happen?
This is because PrestaShop send a "HTTP/1.1 503 temporarily overloaded" message to visitor's browser. Here is code from PrestaShop 1.4x

header('HTTP/1.1 503 temporarily overloaded');

Solution to the problem The solution to this issue is very easy.
what you need to do is to delete or comment out the following line by adding two "/" in front of the line.

//header('HTTP/1.1 503 temporarily overloaded');

Personally, I don't it is necessary and HTTP error to browser when the PrestaShop store under maintenance mode. It is not an HTTP at, it is normal maintenance mode.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paypal Tips - Paypal error - This invoice has been paid

This is a tip for those online Store owners who are using Paypal as payment method.

The Problem
If you own multiple online stores and want you want to use one Paypal account to collect sales, then you will need to configure "allow invoice duplication", otherwise you may encounter following errors.

"This invoice has been paid. For more information, please contact merchant."

Why this error will happen?
Paypal has function to block duplication invoice, by default, this function is on.
So when your customer try to perform payment from different store, the invoice ID might be has been used from another store. So the error will be displayed.

Solution This can be fixed by changing one setting from within Paypal, so log in to your Paypal account do the following:

1. Click "Profile" on the top menu bar.
2. Click "My Selling Tools Preferences"
3. Look for "Block payments" and Click "Update"
4. Under "Block Accidental Payments", choose "No, allow multiple payments per invoice ID".

After this setting, the issue should be fixed.

Agile Paypal Express Checkout module is one of the popular PrestaShop paypal payment module, provided by The module has lot of very good features that standard Paypal module does not have. For example, express checkout feature will allow customer to finish checkout process in just a few click instead of going through tedious address and personal information input. The module will automatically get those information from Paypal account and create user account automatically after payment. The module has a flexible recurring payment features that is the best for recurring subscriptions.

See more information, please visit here

Friday, December 2, 2011

PHP coding tips - Error URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

From time to time, you will need to get a web page content in your PHP code and use the content to generate some other contents.

For example, you have customer address, and you want to get Google Maps geocode of the address in your PHP code, you can use following code

$url = "" . $address . "&output=xml";
$xml = file_get_contents($url);

$status = $xml->Response->Status->code;
if ($status=='200') { //address geocoded correct, show results
$pos = explode(",",$xml->Response->Placemark[0]->Point->coordinates);
$geoLat = $pos[1];
$geoLng = $pos[0];

Some time you will find your call to the URL failed and get no result.

If you print out the error message, you will find something like this

Warning: include() [function.include]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/index.php on line 222

In order to run file_get_contents($url), your server need be configured to allow PHP code calling URL access. This configuration is in php.ini file, with following line set value to "on"
allow_url_fopen = On;

So the simple solution to add above line in your php.ini file if it is not there.
Or you can just create one line php.ini file and put the file under your site root.
The issue should be resolved.

Happy coding....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

PrestaShop module - Agile Seller Commission mdule released

A new module Agile Seller Commission module that works with Agile Multiple Seller module has been released from This module will allow store owner to manage seller commissions and payments between seller and store owner.

The commissions structure is very flexible that could meet store owner's different business needs.

Here are some of the features

1. Commission rate setting

Transaction fee setting - Fees based on per transaction/order
Insertion fee charge - Fees based on percentage of toal sales amount
Combination of Transaction fee + Insertion fee

2. Different level of commission rate setting

Store level commission rate setting (default saret for all sellers)
Seller level commission rate setting (set different rate for different seller)

3. Commission calculation function
Automatically calculate commissions based on commission rate setting for each order
Automatically calculate seller account balance
Account summary(sales amount, commission amount) on specified period

4. Account history function
Detailed account history with following information
Commission occurrence - when order is confirmed
Commission cancellation - when order is cancelled
Payment seller paid to store owner - happens at "Seller collects Payments" mode
payment sotre owner paid to seller - happens at "Store collects payments" mode

5. Payment function - Paypal
It depends on Agile Multiple Seller payment collection mode:
Seller can pay outstanding commissions to store by easily click "Pay" button - "Seller collects Payments"
Store owner can pay seller sales with commission deducted - "Store collects payments"

6. Account balance
The module will automatically keep track of the seller account, you can see account balance at any time

7. Secured access permission control
All sellers can only see his/her own information, that is
- Transaction fee rate
- Insertion fee rate
- Account history
- Account balance
- pay seller via Paypal

Where can I see the demo?
You can have live demo to see how Agile Seller Commission module works with Agile Seller Module, Agile Paypal Express Checkout module (Only required at "Seller collect Payments" mode)

Demo site URL

You can get back office access by contacting

Where can I buy this module?
You can purchase this module and related module at
Agile Seller Commissions module

Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module

Seller is also able to see his/her own balance/account history/commission rates
(here is balance view)

Directly payment button for easy payment between seller and store owner

Seller account history - detailed transaction history- payment history

Insertion Fee setting - Store level or seller level total sale based commission (x%)

Transaction Fee setting - Store level or seller level transaction based commission (per order)

Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module
Agile multiple seller is one of the most popular modules of It allows multiple sellers and vendors to list and manage products for sell. Store owner has primary control of the store and sellers/vendors have limited access to the store.

Sellers are able to access their own products/orders/customers/...

See more detailed information, please visit here Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module

Friday, November 18, 2011

PrestaShop Tip - Evaluate your store and your catalog

Evaluate your store Catalog in just one glance!

In order to get an overview of your store, and more specifically, your store Catalog , just go to the "Stats" tab of your PrestaShop store back office and then click to "Catalog evaluation" in the left panel of your back office page. (it is near the bottom of the left panel)

In a glance, you will find out the strong and weak points of your entire Catalog and also all the items contained in this contrast table. The colors at the intersection of the item and the field considered (description, images, sales, stock) allow you to find out whether or not you must act to improve your offer.

First of all, define the rules and then benefit from an overview of the items and the fields considered. In this way, you will know what you are doing well (for example, the descriptions) and what you need to improve (for example, stock management).

It is you as store owner, who defines the criteria to evaluate yourself: the descriptions, images, sales and stock. Take your time and think very carefully when drawing them up. Consider your products and your Catalog so that that there is consistency, if you sell digital goods you will not have the same criteria as somebody who sells electronics product.

Blackberry factory reset - email setting does not working

Today, I factory reset my Blackberry Torch 9800, but after reset I was not able to make email accounts works.

here are the symptoms:
1. When go email account setting, there are already existing two mail accounts there, they are the ones I set before. I am just wondering why those still stay there after factory reset.

2. I was not able to add new email accounts and not able to delete the accounts either. No options there, no menus there.

3. It prompts me to input password to validate the account. But even I input correct password, the following error message is always displayed:

"sorry, unable to continue your session. please log in again."

I searched on internet, tried to find a solutions. there are many suggestions and solutions out there for similar issue, but no one worked for me.

Here are what I have tried
- 3 times factory reset.
- remove battery
- remove SIM card
- remove "service books" under
Options - Device - Advanced - Advanced System Settings - Service book
- and many others
- It took almost 3 hours, still no result.

I was so disappointed, before I give up, I found a solution

1. Access to blackberry website from blackberry

2. Choose your country or state

3. Then scroll down the page, until you find
Communicate - Email

4. Click the Email link and follow the email setup

You will be requested to move your email accounts, just follow all the instructions and when you finished it, you are done.

No idea, but I guess the email account are cached some where on Blackberry service server. Something like and DHCP IP address. when your device address is changed, but the server is still using your old address?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Seller Products module Version 1.1 release

You requested, we listened. For thos you are waiting for Seller Products page, now it is available.

During past months, we received quite a few reuqests from existing Agile Multiple Seller module customers asked for a page that can display new all products from a selected seller.

agile seller products product icon

Now the new module is ready. This module does more than you requested. It has following features

  • Displays a block to show top sellers based on past sales count.

  • The number of sellers to be displayed is configurable at module configure screen.

  • There is a link to page to list all seller.

  • Allow customer to borwse sellers with pagination.

  • It display all products from a specific seller that customer choose.

  • The products are listed in PrestaShop standard list style.

Please visit our product detail page for more details

agile seller products product - top seller block - seller list page

agile seller products product - top seller block - seller propducts page

What is Agile Multiple Seller module?

For those you are not exsting Agile Multiple Seller customer, here is basic information about what is Agile Multiple Seller.

Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop module that enable multiple sellers/owners/vendors share one PrestaShop store/shop. Primary Seller(owner of the Prestashop store) controls the access of the PrestaShop Store. Secondary owners can list/sell/manage their products/orders.

for more detail about Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, please visit product detail page here

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor version 1.2.5 release

Agile Multiple seller/vendor module 1.2.5 release

Thanks for making one of the best PrestaShop module providers. Todday, we proudly announced the new version 1.2.5 release of Agile Mutiple Seller module 1.2.5.

What's new?
With this new version 1.2.5 of Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, you will be able to leverage following new features.

- Hide products from other sellers in order alert email sent to seller and display a notes in indicate this matter.

- Hide products from other sellers in order detailed page at back office if current logged in is a seller. Seller can only see his/her prroducts even if the order contains products from other sellers. And a notes will be displayed to indicate this matter.

- Hide products from other sellers in PDF invoice at back office if current logged in is a seller. A note will be displayed to insicate this matter.

- Display following message in above order detail, PDF invoice or email alert send to seller, if the order contains products from different sellers. each seller can only see his/her own products.

"This order contains products from other sellers, they are hidden from you. But they they are visible to admin and your customer."

- Enable HTML editor for seller info description fields. So you will be able to create rich text by what you see is what get HTML editor.

- Fix the duplication display of customer in customer "Tab"

- Moved the "Seller Info" tab from "Employees" tab to "Customers" tab in back office.

Agile Multiple Seller, Multiple Vendor module for PrestaShop

What is Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module?

Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop module that enable multipele sellers/owners/vendors share one PrestaShop store/shop. Primary Seller(owner of the Prestashop store) controls the access of the PrestaShop Store. Secondary owners can list/sell/manage their products/orders.

There are many features and functions of the Agile multiple seller/vendor module will help you implement your own needs of multiple seller/vendor PrestaShop requirements. For detailed features and functions of Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, please visit our product page here

Monday, October 31, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Newsletters editor/manager module updated

We are proudly to announce that we have released new version of Agile News Letter module.

Agile News Letter is a PrestaShop module that facilitate your PrestaShop news letter mailing functionality. It is good promotion tool that helps you promote your online business. You can design/manage your news letter/mail templates by online HTML editor. You can select news letter target from different data source such your PrestaShop customer database, news letter subscribers, or even CSV data upload. You can easily manage/editing your mailing list by editing/adding/delete the entries in the mail queue. Mail delivery log is also available.

See more detail, please visit

With this new version, you will be able to leverage following new features
* show a what's new block on your front office to list the latest
* add new block What's new to list latest news letters, it could be hook on left or right column
* add new page to display all news letters hisotry sent from the store.
* add new page to display a selected news letters page, it is integrated into PrestaShop

With about 3 features will increase your site contents and keep your site updated frequently, and attract search engine to index morre pages. this will also will help increase your page SEO ranking.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

PrestaShop-tips- empower customer reviews and increase your sales

This tips is for any store owners, especially for PrestaShop owner.

Why customer reviews

On average, if you display customer reviews on your online shop, it will improve the conversion rate by almost 40% (based on some prestige organization's study). This figure should be enough to convince you to put product reviews/comment function on your product pages.

Agile product reviews/comments for PrestaShop can help you to empower your product review/rating on your online PrestaShop store and increase customer's confidences of to purchase your products.

Here are some features that makes different

* Display latest a few reviews on home page, that will keep your site being updated, it will attract search engines to visit to index more pages of your store, that will increase exposure of PrestaShop store.

* Configurable of waiting time to wait for next post, by seconds.
This allow you to control spammer and increase the customer's trust in your review/comments

* Configurable moderate review required or not
I suggest you moderate all reviews to filter out spammers.

* Configurable to send alert email to store owner
This feature will give you an alert email whenever some one post a review on your products. allow you moderate the reviews in timely manner.

* Configurable to use Capcha to preven spam when for guest reviewer
This feature will also increase anti-spam function of the review/rating. protect your site from spammer reviews/comments.

* There are 3 predefined Criteriions: Quality, Performance, Value
This make it easier for you to use the module by just change name of criteria, you can use it right away after installation. It also allow you add to remove criteria to fit your own needs. It is language sensitive.

* Apply criterion to different level: Whole Catalog, Category, Product
criterion and product mapping in one step
This give you flexibility of the review criteria. You can set different review criteria for different product or different category of product.

Let the great Agile Product review/comment/rating module help attract more customer and increase your sales.

You can see the module in action and buy the module at here

You can also request a live demo

You can request a admin access or ask questions here
Ask a question or request admin access

Saturday, October 8, 2011

PrestaShop module info - Agile Up-Sell/Cross-Sell module

Agile Up-Sell/Cross-Sell module is a module that intends to increase sales by prompt products based on the products that the client has viewed or added his/her shopping cart. You can use this for both up-sell and cross-sell type of promotions.

Compatible with PrestaShop 1.4.3 and higher

1.The module allows you to set two types of promotions: presale up-sell(cross-sell) or post-sale up-sell(cross-sell)

2.A new setting tab "Up-sell" is added to your PrestaShop back office product detail setting pages.

3.You are easily to input up-sell/cross-sell products by autocomplete search box. It is quick fast setting to save your maintenance time

4.You can set p-sell/cross-sell for specific related product, i.e. up-sell/cross-sell products are associated specific product.

5.You are able to collect following the promotional statistics information for your marketing promotion analysis.

Number of purchase - customers finally purchase the your up-sell/cross products
Number of clicks - customers showed interests to purchase your up-sell/cross-sell products
Number of refusal - customer does not show any interests of your up-sell/cross-sell products

6.The presale up-sell/cross-sell product will be pushed out at product detailed page while customer tries to purchase a product. See below screenshots.

7.The post-sale up-sell/cross-sell products will pushed out on carrier/shipping selection page during checkout process.

Back office:
1.At back end office, pre-upsell and post-upsell are defined for each product in an Upsell tab in the product section.

2.For each defined pre-upsell/post-upsell product, the statistics of the number times of clicks, number of people who purchase the products, and number of people who declines the product can be monitored.

Front office:
1.The pre-upsell happens just after a product is chosen. When the customer selects one product and enter the product page, the pre-upsell products will show below the main product's image. The customer can select any product to cart and continue shopping.

2.The post-upsell block shows the step "address" of the checkout process. It will show the pre-defined post-upsell products based on the products in the client's shopping cart. The client can add the selected post-upsell products to his/her cart.

Up-sell, cross-sell, up-selling, cross-selling, pre-sale up-sell, post-sale upsell, PrestaShop up-sell module, PrestaShop cross-sell module, pre-sale up-selling, post-sale upselling, up-sell promotion, cross-sell promotions

You can buy this module at

PrestaShop Modules Info - Agile Product review modile version 1.1 released

One of our popular PrestaShop module - Agile Product reviews module has a new version 1.1.
The new version just released today, in this new version we have enable place holder function for rating summary in product list such Home Featured and Category or Search Result.

We have listened your voice and opinions on PrestaShop module - Agile Product reviews module.

Here are some voices we heard from our customer

1. I want change the position of product review/rating summary in product list page such Home Featured or Category. Because I don't like default position.

2. I am using 3rd party themes, because the 3rd party themes uses different CSS and tag, so the module can not find the default location to display the product reviews and ratings.

3. I am creating my own themes, I just want to customize the position of Product reviews ratings summary.

Now with the new version, it will solve all your issue.

About Agile Product reviews/ranting modules.
Agile product Reviews module - it a PrestaShop module that allows your customer to leave reviews, comments and rate your products. It comes with a lot of more features compare with standard "Product Comments" module.

It increase the reliability of your product and attract more customer for you. It will also increase you site SEO ranking by keeping your home page updated frequently.

You can buy the module at

Saturday, October 1, 2011

PrestaShop Moudule Info - A new version of Agile Paypal Express Checkout module released

Good news to Agile Paypal users.
Agile Paypal 1.4 has been released today.
With this new version, following changes and improvements have been included.

Ver 1.4 (2011.10.01)
1. Use Ajax way to update carriers/country/state at Express Checkout - no page refresh any more, quick and fast
2. Integrated Redirect/subscription page into main page with header/footer/left/right columns.
3. Use a animated image show the progress while redirecting to Paypal - looks more professional
The above change 1. may fix some potential issue caused by "Automatically redirect to Canonical url".

Agile Paypal is a PrestaShop payment module that use Paypal.

It is express checkout module, that allow customer to checkout in just a few clicks, no customer registeration is required, it's fast quick checkout. Pay by Master/Visa/American Express at Paypal without registeration. It automatically creates customer account by information from Paypal and many more other feartures.

It also supports Paypal recurring payments to give you more options to collect your sale money and many more other features.

See more detail, please visit

Sunday, September 11, 2011

PrestaShop Module - Agile Seller Rating/Review/Comment module

We are proudly announce that Seller rating/review/comment module is not available.

What is it

It is a seller rating /comment module, is an accessory module of Agile Multiple Seller module. Buyer can feedback about seller by leaving comment and rating for the seller he/she buys product from.

Compatible Version It is compatible with PrestaShop 1.4x and any version of Agile Multiple Seller

This module only works together with Agile Multiple Seller module.


only buyers can put rating/comment for sellers.

One order(transaction) one rating/comment only

There will a feedback waiting list for each buyer that list all orders/transactions for him/her to leave feedback.

At front office product detail page, there is Seller rating Summary info with 5 stars ratings

There is summary/average rating and rating/comment history for each seller

There are 3 predefined criteria: shipping, service, communication

You can add/modify/delete any number of criteria

Other Information

Install and configuration Video is available here

Demo Site
Contact us for admin access

Where to Buy

Some of the screenshots

Seller Rating History/Summary

Buyer feedback waiting list/feedback form

Seller ranting summary at Product detail page

Agile Multiple Seller module installation and configuration vide is now available

A very good news for new PrestaShop owners who will use our Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, a install and configuration video now is available.

Below is the video script for your references.

Agile Multiple Seller Installation Guide

This video will demonstrate how to install and configure the Agile Multiple Seller module from


To get started with the installation, we are assuming you have the Agile Multiple Seller module on your local computer and that you are already logged into the PrestaShop Back Office.

Start by clicking on the Modules Tab.

Next, click "Add a module from my computer." This will expand a new section of the page called “Add a new module.”

Since the Agile Multiple Seller module is on your local computer, click the “Browse” button of the “Module file” input box.

This will bring up a new window where you can find the location of the Agile Multiple Seller module and choose that zipped folder. Then, click "Upload this module."

After the module is uploaded, go to the search bar and enter “Agile.” Select the Agile Multiple Seller module from the list. Prestashop will then take you to that module.

Now, you need to install the module by clicking the “Install” button.

After Installation

With the module installed, open your FTP program and connect to your Store’s files.

Copy the Category.php file from the following location:


Now, paste that file into the following location:


The next step is to verify that the Agile Multiple Seller Module automatically modified several core files. If the following files were not modified, for some reason, you will need to modify them manually, or the module will not work.

Check to be sure these three files have the modifications noted:
(The module installer has automatically taken care of this changes)

Modification #1:
• Affects: YourStoreRoot/admin/index.php
• Before following line:
o If ($id_tab = checkingTab($tab))
• Add following line
o If(Module::isInstalled('agilemultipleseller'))include(PS_ADMIN_DIR.'/../modules/agilemultipleseller/tabtranslator.php');
Modification #2:
• Affects: YourStoreRoot/admin/ajax_category_list.php
• Replace following line:
o If (Tools::getValue('token') != Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminCatalog'))
• With this line:
o If (Tools::getValue('token') != Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminCatalog') AND Tools::getValue('token') != Tools::getAdminToken('AdminCatalog'.(int)(Tab::getIdFromClassName('AgileCatalog')).(int)($cookie->id_employee)))
Modification #3:
• Affects: YourStoreRoot/admin/tabs/AdminCatalog.php
• Change the following two lines from "private" to "protected"
o private $adminCategories; becomes protected $adminCategories;
o private $adminProducts; becomes protected $adminProducts;

• Affects: YourStoreRoot/admin/tabs/AdminCMSContent.php
• Change the following two lines from "private" to "protected"
o private $adminCMSCategories; becomes protected $adminCMSCategories;
o private $adminCMS; becomes protected $adminCMS;

Configure the Module

With the module installed and the files verified, click the “Configure” hyperlink.

There are two sections on this page. The first being the “Settings” section and below that is the “Seller Profile Info” section.

Settings Section:

We’ll start with the “Settings” section. In this section, there are several choices to make. The first option asks you to choose whether the Store will collect all the money from a sale or if Sellers will collect money from the sale. For this example, we will choose “Store collects all payments.”

If you choose “Seller collects all payments,” you will need to be sure you are using a payment module that you have purchased from due to the additional information that must be retrieved. If you use a payment module that was not created by Addons-Modules, the transaction will not be processed correctly, or at all.

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to allow any Customer to become a Seller. Let’s click this check box.

If you choose not to click this check box, you can manually set up Sellers by adding them in the Employees Tab and then set their profile to “agilemultipleseller.”

The next option allows you to sign Customers up to a Seller’s account automatically. If you do not choose to sign Customers up automatically, but you did choose to allow Customers to become Sellers, the Customer can manually sign up for a Sellers account in their My Account area of the Front Office.

As noted in the previous option, you can manually set up Sellers by adding them in the Employees Tab and then set their profile to “agilemultipleseller.”

The next option allows you to choose whether or not your seller can create and edit categories. If you want them to be able to edit categories, check the box. For this example, we won’t check the box. That means that sellers can add products, but they cannot add nor edit categories.

The final selection se can make is the “Seller Info tab” check box. Here, you can choose to display a “Seller Info” tab in your Product Detail pages.

For instance, if you’ve checked the box and a customer views a Product Detail page in the Front office, a new tab will appear with the details the seller wants the customer to see such as their company name, address, and phone numbers. The seller can also display their location via a Google Map.

Lastly, if you made any changes, be sure you click the “Save” button.

Seller Profile Info Section:

The Seller Profile Info section points out that a new employee profile called “agilemultipleseller” was created when the module was installed.

You can view this new profile by going to the Employees tab and then the Profiles sub-tab.

You can change the permissions of the “agilemultipleseller” profile by going to the Employees tab, then the Permissions sub-tab. Then select the “agilemultipleseller” profile.

Please be sure you review the Maintenance Notes section as it contains important information to keep your module running smoothly.


That concludes this demonstration of how to install and configure the Agile Multiple Seller module.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PrestaShop addons - Free PrestaShop addon for duplicating/coping emails from PrestaShop

What does it do?
After install this addon, it will send a copy of each emails of PrestaSho to shop owner. So as PrestaShop store, you will get a copy of every email sent from PrestaShop.

It does not guarantee that emails sent from 3rd party module will work.
Because 3rd party module may send emails though other mailling class, not Mail class of PrestaShop.

The email was send separately, it is not a CC or BCC.
The email content is exactly the same as the one send to mail recipients.

This addon only works for PrestaShop 1.4x

Copy the file to following folder

You are all set, just wait for email to be duplicated to you.

You Can download this add here

Thursday, August 4, 2011

PrestaShop Modules - Agile paypal express checkout module 1.3 released now integrated into

We proudly to announce that the new version of Agile Paypal Express Checkout module 1.3 released today.

The new version of Agile Paypal Express Checkout module for PrestaShop 1.3x/1.4x, will bring you following new features

- Integrated to Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor modiule, make it possible for seller to collect sales.

By combine this module with Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, the sellers/vendors can collect their own sales (money).

- Recurring payment is also available when use normal checkout process (not in express checkout)

- When recurring payemt enabled, automatically show/hide recurring cycles based on user's selection of recurring or not.

- Hide express checkout screen, instead, it will show up a normal payment module when you using One Page Checkout.

- Some bug fixes and other improvements

Here is changed screen
1. Configuration screen changes

2. Normal checkout module screenshot

3. One page Checkout

Agile Paypal Express checkout module is PrestaShop Paypal module that accept Paypal or major credit cards via Paypal. It can accept payment without customer registration. It also supports recurring payment, like monthly or yearly(any interval) subscription payment.

Agile Multiple Sellers/vendors module is a module that enable PrestaShop multiple seller function, allow customer or any one signup as seller to list and sell products.

For more information or purchase, please visit

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Addon - Order recovery from shopping carts

What is it Agile Order recoery?
1. This is free addon of AdminCarts.php that allow store owner to generate order from existing cart in just one easy click.

2. This modification will show a GUI on cart detail page that allow generate order from existing cart.

Compatible version
This addon works on all 1.3x and 1.4x PrestaShop

No core file change required

When you should use this added function?
Use case 1: If you want to create orders manually for your customer, you can use front office to signup and create cart, then go back office use fucntion to generate order in just one click.

For example, phone order

use case 2: Because of system trouble (most scenario is payment system), customer placed the order and paid the order, but system was not able to create the order.

How to Install
1. Unzip downloaded package
2. Copy AgileCartsExt.php to following folder
3. Log in to you back office to change the "Carts" tab setting
A .for 1.3x: [Tools] - [Tabs], find "Carts" record and click edit icon.
for 1.4x: [Employees] - [Tabs], find "Shopping Carts" record and click edit icon.
B. change Class to from "AdminCarts" to "AgileCartsExt" and save it

that's it, you are all set.

1. If an order has been created from the cart, then you are not able to generate from this cart.
2. if there is not enough information, for example, no customer information, you will not able to generate order from the cart.

You can get this addon at

You can find some other modules and free modueles
Paypal Express checkout module with recurring payment | Authorize.NET Express Checkout module with recurring payment | Membership management module | Pickup location module(Google maps) | Multiple seller/vendor module | Product Reviews/Rating module | Rotating Banner module | News Letter promotion module | Quantity Discount Indicator module | Prepaid module for digital goods

Monday, August 1, 2011

PrestaShip Tips - Virtual product download link problem at order history page

Today,I found a bug of PrestaShop at Order history page of my account area, the problem was found on PrestaShop 1.3x, but I confirmed that the same problem also happens in PrestaShop 1.4x (so far

What is the issue.

This problem happens in specific scenario.
Usually there is a link on the product name to download the virtual products.

But if you have a virtual product (downloadable product) with a customization fields, then at My Account area, Order History page, the download link will not appear.

Here is my case:
I have download product (prestashop module), with one required text fields let customer to input store domain name. Before I set the customized field, everything works fine. But once I add the required customized filed, the link disappeared.

How to fix the issue.

To fix this problem, you need to modify the them file

You need to replace one line of code at location in this file as shown with code followed.

{if $product.download_hash && $invoice}
<a href="{$base_dir}get-file.php?key={$product.filename|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}-{$product.download_hash|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{l s='download this product'}">
<img src="{$img_dir}icon/download_product.gif" class="icon" alt="{l s='Download product'}" />
<a href="{$base_dir}get-file.php?key={$product.filename|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}-{$product.download_hash|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{l s='download this product'}">

Here is screenshot after the problem is fixed.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

PrestaShop Moudule - Agile Multiple Seller/vendor 1.2 release

Agile Team just release the new version of Agile Multiple Sellers module for PrestaShop. And it has been tested on latest version PrestaShop 1.4.4

At this release, following new features have been added to existing powerful module.

New Features
- No manually file change is required at installation.
- Integrated with Agile Paypal, make it possible for seller to collect their own sales[ready]
- Disable all products when a seller is disabled or deleted[ready]
- Seller can have their own categories [ready]
- Seller info extend - photo (logo), address other info [ready]
- Seller can create and maintain their own CMS pages[ready]
- Able to show seller info & Google map as a tab on product details page[ready]
- Admin is able to register categories/products for seller, then assign it to seller[ready]

Seller Info tab at product listing (detail page)

For more details of product
please visit

Prestashop Info - PrestaShop new version 1.4.4 is released and ready to download

PrestaShop team has just released a new version of 1.4.4. Congratulation!

This 1.4.4 version which has been optimized from all sides and which has become faster and more powerful now allows you to update your store from your back-office. In one click, your store will be automatically updated to the latest version of PrestaShop, thus providing an easy way of allowing you to always have access to the latest functionalities.

Take advantage of this functionality integrated in native mode in PrestaShop 1.4.4 allowing you to upgrade to the latest version of PrestaShop in just one click.

« This very practical functionality has two buttons: the first for updating your store and the second for RollBack. Long updating procedures are therefore avoided. Get the latest version of PrestaShop in just 5 minutes! Without using FTP, you benefit from automatic file and database saving on the server. You simply have to check your theme and batch file transfers. »

Eric Dolou (Brocéliande on the forum)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

PrestaShop Module - Agile membership module for PrestaShop, version 1.2 just released

A new version 1.2 of Agile Membership module for PrestaShop has just been released. Some bug fixes are included and a new feature has been added to this version.

At this new version, you will be able to automatically send email reminder for membership expiration. You are able to configure your store to send multiple times at different timing, for example, you can set to send email at 10 days, 3 days and 1 day before the membership expiration.

This setting is configurable at module configuration screens.

To avoid being considered as spam and junk mail, the module has designed to send a max 10 emails every time. As long as your site have visitor, the reminder email delivery will be triggered.

You can also set up a cron job to send emails at specific timing, the email send script path will as following.


About Agile Membership module
Agile Membership is a PrestaShop module that allow you manage membership expiration, membership fee,membership discount, membership only access control contents.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Module - Agile Quantity Discount Indicator module for PrestaShop released

A good news to PrestaShop owners who are looking for "Quantity Discount Indicator" which can display lowest available price of same product. Agile Quantity Discount Indicator is just released.

Yes, PrestaShop itself also provide a tab at product detail page that display Quantity Discount. See below image that compares Agile Quantity Discount indicator and PrestaShop quantity discount tab. Obviously Agile Quantity Discount indicator is much easier for user to understand because it displays detailed information include final price after discount.

Further more, Agile Quantity Discount indicator is able to lowest price of the product at other places like Home featured products, category and search result list.

You can have a live demo here:

For more information, please