Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PrestaShop addons - Free PrestaShop addon for duplicating/coping emails from PrestaShop

What does it do?
After install this addon, it will send a copy of each emails of PrestaSho to shop owner. So as PrestaShop store, you will get a copy of every email sent from PrestaShop.

It does not guarantee that emails sent from 3rd party module will work.
Because 3rd party module may send emails though other mailling class, not Mail class of PrestaShop.

The email was send separately, it is not a CC or BCC.
The email content is exactly the same as the one send to mail recipients.

This addon only works for PrestaShop 1.4x

Copy the file to following folder

You are all set, just wait for email to be duplicated to you.

You Can download this add here

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