Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Addon - Order recovery from shopping carts

What is it Agile Order recoery?
1. This is free addon of AdminCarts.php that allow store owner to generate order from existing cart in just one easy click.

2. This modification will show a GUI on cart detail page that allow generate order from existing cart.

Compatible version
This addon works on all 1.3x and 1.4x PrestaShop

No core file change required

When you should use this added function?
Use case 1: If you want to create orders manually for your customer, you can use front office to signup and create cart, then go back office use fucntion to generate order in just one click.

For example, phone order

use case 2: Because of system trouble (most scenario is payment system), customer placed the order and paid the order, but system was not able to create the order.

How to Install
1. Unzip downloaded package
2. Copy AgileCartsExt.php to following folder
3. Log in to you back office to change the "Carts" tab setting
A .for 1.3x: [Tools] - [Tabs], find "Carts" record and click edit icon.
for 1.4x: [Employees] - [Tabs], find "Shopping Carts" record and click edit icon.
B. change Class to from "AdminCarts" to "AgileCartsExt" and save it

that's it, you are all set.

1. If an order has been created from the cart, then you are not able to generate from this cart.
2. if there is not enough information, for example, no customer information, you will not able to generate order from the cart.

You can get this addon at http://addons-modules.com/

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