Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SilverLight Localization

For support for more than one language, you must add related resource files and modify the project file manually to add extra culature.


1. Download fonts to client (some fonts are too big)
2. use Glyphs instead of TextBlocks
3. Use image instead of text

MSDN information:

Other info


Creating a localizable Silverlight 2.0 RTW Application

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Silverlight Error #2104 Could not download the silverlight application in IIS6

If you receive this error while trying to deploy your Silverlight application, make sure you did the following things:

1. Register MIME Types and File Extensions

You must register some MIME types and file extensions so that the browser on the client's system can load the correct handler. You need to add the following types:




The .xap needs to have that mime type, in order to be able to be downloaded.

3. Execute permissions must be Scripts Only.

Right-click your Web Site and select Properties from the context menu.

Select the Directory tab and change "Execute Permissions" to Script only.

1. Adjust the Content Expiration Setting

You should adjust the content expiration setting to 1 minute. The following procedure outlines how to do this with IIS.

Right-click your Web Site and select Properties from the context menu.

Select the HTTP Headers tab and click "Enable Content Expiration".

Set the content to expire after 1 minute.