Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PrestaShop Module info - Agile-Multiple-Shop-release

Agile Team Announced the Newest Addition to the Agile Module Lineup

- Agile Multiple Shop

Agile Multiple Shop module for Agile Multiple Seller module

Agile Multiple Shop (released December 1st, 2012), is a new module that will provide shop owners who are perating a multi-seller/vendor store the ability to give each seller their own ‘virtual store’ inside the main store. This module is an upgrade from the Agile Seller Products module, and is only for use with PrestaShop 1.5.x. Users of PrestaShop 1.4.x should continue to use Agile Seller Products.

Using this module, each individual seller/vendor within your store will have their own ‘virtual store’, meaning they can have a dedicated seller home page. Within that home page, visitors will see only products from that vendor, even when choosing categories. This gives your sellers a certain amount of autonomy, making your store even more attractive to potential sellers/vendors. Sellers can have their own pages, logos, URL, and even theme choice when allowed by permission.

Main Shop - Seller/Vendor - and Seller’s "Virtual Shop"

Immediately after installing PrestaShop 1.5x, you will have a default store (shop), and PrestaShop will be running in single store/shop mode. This default store (shop) we will call the main store/shop.

After installing the Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, you will be able to allow multiple sellers/vendors to list and sell products in the main store. Each seller is represented by an employee account within PrestaShop. Each eller account is linked to following data records:

  • Employee account: Allows a seller to access the back office functions and features. Access permissions are controlled by the employee profile.
  • Customer account: Allows a seller to access the front office and its seller management features, such as product, order, and profile management.
  • A seller business info record: Contains seller's business information, logo, address. etc.
  • Seller payment information (multiple records).
At this point, you will also be able to create a virtual shop for each seller/vendor.

  • A virtual store/shop is not a real shop, in that it does not have any physical data. It only has one or more URLs and a store/shop owner - which is a seller/vendor within the Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module. All products and categories are registered in the main store. The products and categories of a virtual shop are determined by store/shop owner.
  • Categories of a virtual shop: Contains all public categories of the main store, and the private categories of the virtual shop owner registered in the main store.
  • Products of a virtual shop: Only products registered (created) by the virtual shop owner.

  • Each seller will have only one virtual shop.
  • Each shop will have its own dedicated URL.
  • Each shop could have its own theme or share a theme, admin can assign the theme to a seller's shop
  • The shop could have a choice of following web page header logo options to be set by the store admin:
Show main store logo only.
Show seller’s logo only.
Show both the main store logo and the seller’s logo (theme modifications required).
  • A "Shop by Seller" block – gives the buyer/customer the ability to shop by seller.
  • A Seller List page – Page listing all sellers, customers can filter seller list by name.
  • A Seller Home page – This is the Home page of a seller's shop, it displays the seller's detailed information and lists all products from the seller.
  • A "Shop by Country" block – Allows the buyer to choose a store by country or region if the main store (market place) contains stores/shops from multiple countries.
  • Once a customer enters the seller’s shop, it will only display products from the selected seller’s shop/store.
    This includes the following PrestaShop standard modules:
Search block
New products block
Category block (on left/right column)
Category list on footer
Tags block
Best sale block
Manufacturer block
Supplier block
Note: Any other blocks or modules not listed here are not guaranteed to work.
  • Each seller can have their own private shipping carriers (separate Seller Shipping Module is required).
  • All virtual shops share the same global payment and checkout process.
  • Customer is able to purchase products from different shops with one shopping cart.

  • All virtual shops for sellers must be registered under one shop group – Default.
  • Each seller can have only one virtual shop.
  • This module is not yet compatible with the mobile theme.

  • This module is an accessory module for the Agile PrestaShop Multiple Seller/Vendor module.
  • This module is for PrestaShop 1.5x.
  • For customers using PrestaShop 1.4x, please use the Agile Seller Products module, which has similar functions.

See more details or request live demo access, please visit http:/

Saturday, October 20, 2012

PrestaShop module - Agile market place modules for PrestaShop released

Today Agile team announced a new release market place module for PrestaShop 1.5x. Agile Multiple Sellers/Vendors module and its accessory modules are now compatible with PrestaShop.

Core module Agile Multiple Sellers/Vendors module and its accessory modules have been a great solution for PrestaShop based market places. It's been loved by many market place owners who running PrestaShop store. There are a variety of accessory modules to meet your different market place business requirements.

Agile Market Place solution modules  
All following modules are integrated with Agile Multiple Seller/vendor module, are all ready for PrestaShop 1.5x 

Agile Seller Commission - handling seller account commission/balance/history/payment
Agile Seller Products - provide seller's own page, URL like a mini shop
Agile Seller Messenger - Provide communication between buyer and seller via message
Agile Seller Review/rating - Provide buyer a chance to rate and feedback on sellers, seller respond
Agile Seller List Options - Provide store a chance to charge a fee for special list options
Agile Seller Shipping - Provide seller private shipping, product level shipping features

Payment module for Agile market place solution
You can use any PrestaShop compatible payment for Agile Market Place at store collect payments. Below are payment modules that support seller collects payment mode.

Agile Paypal Adaptive (Parallel/chained payment) - seller and store money concurrently
Agile Paypal express checkout  - support multiple payment seller collects payment
Agile Bank Wire - support multiple payment seller collects payment
Agile Pay By Cheque - support multiple payment seller collects payment
Agile Google Checkout  - support multiple payment seller collects payment

About PrestaShop Multi-store/multi-shop 

PrestaShop 1.5x provides functionality of multiple store and multiple shop, it is a great feature. But it also brings some complexity to store usability specially at back office. All modules are tested under one store/shop mode, it has not been confirmed under multi-store/shop mode.

We are still probing a better way to implement multi-shop(for multi-seller) functionality in PrestaShop 1.5x, we may or may not use original multi-shop/multi-store function. We will make the decision and provide necessary function as soon as we can.

For more information or purchase of the modules please visit
You can also request live demo access thorough their product page. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

PrestaShop Tips - PrestaShop 1.5 RC2 - An error occured during installation


It seems the package I downloaded is not a completed one. Maybe the original files was not good.
I downloaded another package 2 days later. that one was working properly.
So if you encounter the same issue, I strongly suggest you to download the package again.

PrestaShop team released PrestaShop, also known as RC2(Release candidate 2). It is a good news because that means we will finally get the final release of PrestaShop 1.5 soon.

So I tried to install this version to make test. but there was a few issue when I tried to install this PrestaShop RC2. The first issue I encountered was that the package was corrupted, I guess there was some trouble on PrestaShop site, there are forum members reported the same issue. Fortunately the issue now has been fixed and we can download it now.

The issue

After I download the PrestaShop 1.5 RC package, and tried to install it, I chose all default selections and got following error when progress bar displayed 38%

  1. Create file
  2. Create database tables
  3. Create default shop and languages
  4. Populate database tables

An error occured during installation...

You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by Click Here
There was no detailed information on what was wrong, so I tried to clear database and redo the installation, but got the same error.

So I have to spent close an hour to debug to find out the cause and fixed the issue.


The issue was caused by a missing file "" under root folder, it is used in /install/classes/xmlLoader.php as following

public function __construct()
$this->language = InstallLanguages::getInstance();
require_once _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/';


The fix is very easy, just copy the missing file from previous version of PrestaShop and the error will be done. I got this file from PrestaShop RC1.

Hope this help others who are facing the same issue.


It seems the package I downloaded is not a completed one. Maybe the original files was not good.
I downloaded another package 2 days later. that one was working properly.
So if you encounter the same issue, I strongly suggest you to download the package again.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Seller/Vendor Shipping 1.1 released

Agile team today released a new version of Agile Seller/Vendor module 1.1. This is a accessory module of Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module - a best PrestaShop based market solution.

Agile Seller Shipping make it available for each seller has his/her private carriers and provider buyer at product level carrier selection features. The main change on this release 1.1 is to make it configurable for admin on how to use Store Default Carrier.

In previous version, the Store Default Carrier will be used for any seller that does not have any carrier available. In some store owner (market place owner), this might be not a good scenario.

Now admin can make decision on how to use default store carrier based on their business and situation.

Use Store Default Carrier 
Option 1:  Yes - use store default carrier for seller when there is no private carrier available .

If all sellers will use same shipping carrier and shipping fee rules, then you can use Option 1, so that all sellers do not need to set a private carriers. (There are quite a few market place owners choose this option)

Option 2:  No - Do not use store default carrier for seller when there is no private carrier available .

If most of the sellers have different carrier and different shipping fee rules. And you also want prevent buyer to purchase any product that does not delivery to a specific zone/region, then you can choose Option 2.
In this case, all sellers must set at least one carrier.

For more details on Agile Seller Shipping modules, please visit product page here

For more details on Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, please visit the product page here 

For other accessory modules for your PrestaShop based online market place solution, please visit, most modules have live demo site for you to verify the functions and features by yourself.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

PrestaShop Module - Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module released

Today, Agile team released a new version of Agile Multiple Seller module With this new version, there are many new long waited new features and improvement are included. - 2012.06.02 - new features and improvement highlights- Changed to use company name as display seller name at back office
- Configurable to enable/disable category browsing and show all products in one place for seller  
- Configurable to display seller name on product list pages(category/home featured/search result)
  need to add one line line related to theme files
- Seller invoice -  display Seller Logo/Name/Address on PDF invoice file  and order confirmation email address 
- Split shopping cart into multiple orders if the cart contains products from multiple sellers. One order per seller.
-The installer will copy all override file automatically. Back up original file it is necessary.
- New tab under Order tab, to show list of products ordered, each seller can see their own products

About Cart/Order splitting
From version, the module is able to split one shopping cart into multiple order.  If customer has purchase products from multiple sellers, then the module will split the shopping cart/order into multiple ones. Each seller will have one cart and on order. This happen when customer finished payment or confirmed the orders. By this function, one order is always contain product from single seller. But customer is still able to purchase products from multiple sellers.
This also make following functions possible.

- Seller can manage the order status without affect other sellers.
- Show seller logo/name/address in PDF invoice
- Show seller logo/name/address in Order confirmation email
 (All thos functions are available in this core module)

About Seller Invoice
From version, the order invoice can have seller's logo, seller name, seller address in the PDF invoice. It is also possible to include seller name, seller logo, seller address in order confirmation email. Both are configurable to be easily to set on or off.

In order to include seller name, logo, seller address in order confirmation email, you need to add following keyword into order confirmation email templates.

About Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module - It is a PrestaShop based market palace module provide a solution to create your own market place like eBay and Amazon. There are variety of accessory modules make it flexible and meet your different business requirements and business needs. See the module product description page for other features and more detailed latest information here.

Monday, May 21, 2012

PrestaShop moudle info - Agile PrestaShop seller shipping module

Agile Seller Shipping module is released to day. With this new accessory module, sellers/vendors are able to set their own shipping carrier and shipping fee based on price/weight, zone or region. Buyer/customers are able to select carriers at product item level at shopping cart based on available carriers the seller provides.

- Store can set a standard shipping charges - which can be used for all sellers if the seller does not have private carriers
- If a seller does not have valid shipping carrier available, then the store standard shipping carrier will be applied

- Seller can have multiple private shipping carriers
- Seller can set default carrier so it will be selected by default for customer
- Seller can set different shipping charge (shipping fee) based on product price or product weight
- Seller can set different shipping charge (shipping fee) for different zone(region/country)

Orders and checkout
- Buyer Is able to choose carrier at product level
- The shipping price is updated dynamically when buyer change the shipping carrier for each product during checkout process
- Store admin can see detailed shipping from different carriers
- The module support both 5 steps traditional checkout process or Once Page Checkout process
- Seller can see detailed shipping information for different carriers on Order Details page at back office

Customer select carrier for each product item in shopping cart

Carrier management- carrier List

Carrier Management - Carrier details

Shipping Carrier information at Order detaeils pag

Saturday, May 5, 2012

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile PrestaShop Seller Messenger module

A long waited customer and seller communication tool - Agile PrestaShop Seller Messenger module is released from Agile team today. This module is an accessory module of Agile PrestaShop Multiple Seller/Vendor module - a best solution of PrestaShop based market place.

This module provide a communication tool between customers or potential customer and sellers. Customer can post questions at PrestaShop front store product detail page. And all questions and answers related to the product are also listed in the product page for as reference information for new customers.

PrestaShop Front store

1. A new message on product page (product footer-before long description) will displayed as following
Got a question? Click [Seller Q&A] tab below to ask seller a question.
You can change the message by PrestaShop translation function at back office

2. A new tab "Seller Q&A" at product page on PrestaShop front store
- A question/contact form for (potential) customer to post new questions
- See other questions that have been asked by other customers and answered by seller
- The new question message posted by customer will be show up on the same tab immediately
- The new question message will be sent to seller by email to notify seller about new questions
- The Question and Answers list has pagination functions when message increased

PrestaShop Back office

A new tab "Seller Questions" is added under "Customers" tab
- Sellers and Admin can see the messages
- Seller and admin can see the messages reply the message
- Both customers message and seller reply message will be displayed on product page
- Each seller can only see/reply messages the belong to his/her products

Module configuration
- You configure whether customers are required to log in before they can ask questions
- To avoid spam, you can configure to "Use Capcha" or not.
- You configure to copy the email messages to store admin  or not.

For more information, please visit here

To experience live demo (with admin access, request at above product page), Please visit here

Saturday, April 28, 2012

PrestaShop Module info - Agile PrestaShop Seller commission - Shipping/Voucher handling

Agile Team released a new version of Agile Seller Commission module for PrestaShop market place solution.

Agile Seller commission module is an accessory of Agile Multiple place module. It facilitate a flexible commission structure with base transaction fee and insertion fee. You can set the commission at store level or seller level. It maintain the account transaction history and account balance. And you can perform payments between sellers and store via Paypal without additional modules.
At this new release, the following features are added

- Configurable voucher cost and sharing feature
The seller commission module now support orders with vouchers with following conditions:
1. All vouchers can only be issues by store owner.
2. All vouchers used at purchase/order by customer will be shared by sellers with the percentage of products amount in the order.
3. You can configure the cost of voucher in following two ways

A. Voucher at cost of sellers - the cost of voucher will be deducted from seller sales for each order.  For example, if the seller have $100 product purchase and customer used $10 voucher discount. Then the final sale of the seller is $90.

B. Voucher at the cost of store owner  - sellers will have original sales before voucher is applied. For example, if the seller have $100 product purchase and customer used $10 voucher discount. Then the final sale of the seller is still $100. The $10 will be at store's cost.

- Configurable shipping fee inclusion or exclusion at insertion calculation
Now it is configurable to include or exclude of commission/insertion fee calculation.
Based on your business model and policy, you can decide to include shipping fee or exclude shipping for the insertion fee (seller commission)

For more information about Agile Seller Commission module, please click here
For more information about Agile Multiple Seller, please visit here

Live demo are also available, you can request demo access(including admin) at above product pages.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

PrestaShip Tips - How to manually upload big file for downloadbale products

Some PrestaShop owners are struggling to manage their big size downloadable products, because the web application has upload file size limitations. 

Here is a simple tips help you walk around the problem. The idea is upload your downloadable product file with other tools such as FTP tool, your control panel file manager(if it allow upload large file).

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Create you product with downloadable. upload a small file. (you will replace it later)
2. Go to your database to check the physically_filename of the product in the table ps_product_download
3. Upload the big file to following folder
4. rename the uploaded file to the file name to looked up in above 2.

Hope that will help you solve you problem

PrestaShop Module - Agile PrestaShop product reviews/rating module now compatible wiith Google Review Snippets with microdata structure

Agile Team today released a new version of product review/rating module for PrestaShop. The new released module has some added new features to help PrestaShop owners to collect reviews and improve your PrestaShop SEO ranking.

Agile product Reviews module - it is a PrestaShop module that allows your customer to leave reviews, comments and rate your products. Automatically send product review request/soliciting emails to customers who purchased your products. It is compatible with Google Review Snippets with mictodata structure.

Here are some of the most important features available in this new release
  1. Review voting - User/customers iareable to vote on the other's reviews/rating weather if the review is helpful or not.
  2. Product review request email - You can send product review request/soliciting email to customer who purchase your products. Ask customer to write review on your products. The email will be sent out automatically by the module based on your settings.  You can let module to send the product review request emails after specified number of days of purchase.
  3. Google review Snippet microdata structure - Google Review Snippets—is a few lines of text that appear under every search result—are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query. When review information is marked up in the body of a web page, Google(the same to other search engine) can identify it and use it to understand and present the information on your pages. Review information such as ratings and descriptions can help users to better identify pages with good content . If Google(same to other search engine) understands the content on your pages, we can create rich snippets—detailed information intended to help users with specific queries. For example, the snippet for a restaurant might show the average review and price range; the snippet for a recipe page might show the total preparation time, a photo, and the recipe’s review rating; and the snippet for a music album could list songs along with a link to play each song. These rich snippets help users recognize when your site is relevant to their search, and may result in more clicks to your pages.

    You can help Google surface this relevant information by adding additional HTML markup to your pages. This markup helps Google recognize certain types of data and display it usefully in rich snippets

To have live experience of product review module, please visit live here, you can also have admin access.

To purchase or for more details product information, please visit

Friday, April 13, 2012

PrestaShop Module info - Agile PrestaShop Prepaid Credit Token module updated

A new version of Agile PrestaShop Prepaid credit token module ver 1.3.0 is just released. This is best solution for your PrestaShop based digital goods online store.
Agile PrestaShop Prepaid credit token module
With new version of the module you will have following new features

- Now support multiple repurchase of the same products by token.
In previous version, for downloadable products, if you purchase once, you can access the access the product for ever. So you can only purchase one time.  But for some digital goods business, it is allowed to purchase multiple (any) times for the same products. (for example, online games)

-If the product is re-purcahsable, then user is able to purchase multiple copies by inputting quantity before click "add to cart".

-A new tab "Token/Credits" at back office for Admin to see customer credit/token account history.

-Manually adjust customer token/credit account balance. Give token/credit to customer or revoke token/credit from customer.

Check out mode
There are 3 checkout mode available by this module
A. One Click Checkout - user can purchase products by using token in just one click. An order will be created immediately and automatically.  But user must have token enough/credit balance to purchase the selected products. If you user does not have enough token/credit, user will be redirected to tokens category to purchase tokens.

B. Normal checkout mode - user will add product to shipping cart first, use usual checkout process so that user can use both tokens and other payment method available at your store to purchase products. User can choose to use token or not and choose how many token to use. It is flexible.

C. Combination - This mode is much more flexible. The module automatically choose appropriate way of checkout. If user has enough tokens to purchase select  products, then it will use One Click Checkout, the order will be created immediately without going through all steps of checkout.

For more detailed information/features please visit here

For live demo with admin access, please visit here

PrestaShop Bug - Ver 1.44 - Backoffice Shopping cart page fatal error Cannot use object of type Image as array

There is an issue with PrestaShop 1.44 back office shopping cart page.

When you access Back office - Customers tab - Shopping carts tag - click any cart entry

The shopping cart detailed page is broken and it does not display correctly,
if you enable error displaying by changing "display_errors" to "on" in file /config/, then you will see following error displayed.

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Image as array in C:\wamp\www\prestashop\\adminDEV\tabs\AdminCarts.php on line 269

See following screen image. o


How to fix the problem

in order to fix the problem you need to make a small change in file

Change Line 269

'.(isset($image['id_image']) ? cacheImage(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'p/'.$image->getExistingImgPath().'.jpg',


'.(isset($image->id_image) ? cacheImage(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'p/'.$image->getExistingImgPath().'.jpg',

Saturday, March 24, 2012

PrestaShop module - Agile PrestaShop Showcase module 1.0 released has released a new module - Agile PrestaShop showcase manager module. This module will help PrestaShop owner to promote their online store and your business by displaying showcases.

Agile Prestashop Showcases manager module

Main features
- Customer can list or submit his business or website as showcase at your online PrestaShop store, as long as they have purchased your products or service from you PrestaShop store.
- There will be latest showcase block to display on left column or right column based on your configuration of the Agile PrestaShop showcases manager module.
- There is a showcase list will list all showcase submitted with brief information
- The showcases list can be easily filtered out by products or services that provided at your Prestashop store.
- Each showcase will need admin to approve it  before it will be appear on front store.
- You can set a limit the number of showcases to be submitted by one customer to prevent spam.
- There is also a capcha to verify customer input to prevent spam post of showcases
- Admin is able to modify each field data of each the showcase at back office admin tab
- The following information is included in the showcase

site name/business
website url
website screen image
country/region (display with a flag and name
description of site/business
products or services used (multiple selection)
comment/reviews about the products used
For more information, please visit the product page - Agile PrestaShop Showcase Manager
You can see live demo and purchase this module at

Here are some screenshots
Showcase submit form

Showcase detailed

Showcase details at back office

Showcase approval and list at back office

Showcase list and latest showcase block

Saturday, March 10, 2012

PrestaShop Tips - Order date is empty at back office with error - Undefined index: date_format_full

If you have installed the latest version of PrestaShop 1.4.7, you may encounter following issue.

1. At back office Orders tab you will find the order date are empty in the list
2. At order details page, all date fields are left as empty
3. If you set "display_errors" to "on" in /config/, you will find following errors

Notice: Undefined index: date_format_full in ....\www\prestashop\christophe\classes\Tools.php on line 495

If this issue happened at your store, it indicated that your store was not installed correctly. Some data fields in database are missed. See below highlighted in red.

How to fix the problem?
In order to fix this problem you will need to add those missing field to database.

You can run following scripts to fix the issue.

ALTER TABLE `ps_lang` ADD `date_format_lite` char(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Y-m-d' AFTER language_code;
ALTER TABLE `ps_lang` ADD `date_format_full` char(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Y-m-d H:i:s' AFTER date_format_lite;
UPDATE `ps_lang` SET `date_format_lite` = 'd/m/Y' WHERE `iso_code` IN ('fr', 'es', 'it');
UPDATE `ps_lang` SET `date_format_full` = 'd/m/Y H:i:s' WHERE `iso_code` IN ('fr', 'es', 'it');
UPDATE `ps_lang` SET `date_format_lite` = 'd.m.Y' WHERE `iso_code` = 'de';
UPDATE `ps_lang` SET `date_format_full` = 'd.m.Y H:i:s' WHERE `iso_code` = 'de';
UPDATE `ps_lang` SET `date_format_lite` = 'm/d/Y' WHERE `iso_code` = 'en';
UPDATE `ps_lang` SET `date_format_full` = 'm/d/Y H:i:s' WHERE `iso_code`= 'en';

After you run the script. the problem should be fixed.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paypal - How to get Paypal API credential from your Paypal account

This post is for purpose of providing a basic information to Paypal account owner to get API credential from Paypal account.

If you are Paypal account owner and want use your Paypal account for collecting payments for your online business, you can choose a variety of ways to do that. But some Paypal payment gateways requires API credential. It depends the what API the gateway is using.

Instructions on how to get your Paypal API credential

1. Log in to your Paypal account.
2. Click "My Account" tab menu
3. Click "My Profile" tab menu
4. Click "My selling tools" hyper link on left menu panel
5. Click "apply API signature" or "view API signature"

One you click "Apply API signature" or "Vew API signature", Paypal will assign a set of API credidential for you and it will be displayed on the screen. It contains following 3 items

API username - it is a email address

API password

API Signature

Please note:
Not all payment module requires API.

Agile PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout module - does not require API credential. It is module provides a fast/quick checkout process for PrestaShop. Customer can finish checkout in just a few clicks because it does not required customer to register at PrestaShop for purpose. The best feature for store owner is that it could reduce customer dropout rate during checkout process. The module will register customer with accurate information from Paypal after payment is finished.

For more information about Agile PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout module, please visit here.

Agile PrestaShop Paypal Adaptive Payment module - requires API credential
This module implemented Paypal Adaptive API that allows you process multiple payments in one big transactions. This module is an accessory module of Agile PrestaShop multiple sellers module - a best solution for PrestaShop based market place/multiple sellers store.

For more information about Paypal Adaptive payment, please visit here

For more information about Agile PrestaShop Multiple Seller module please visit here

General information about Paypal adaptive payment

What is Paypal adaptive payment
Paypal provide a very flexible and useful payment methods handle multiple payments in one big transaction. Mass payment is one of those payment methods. But I am trying to introduce is adaptive payment method.

The Adaptive Payments API enables you to send money in many different scenarios, from simple to complex. For example, you might build a small send money application for a social networking site or a robust payroll system. Another good example is if you are a market places owner(or a multiple sellers/vendors store owner), you may need to manually pay sellers sales later if you collect all payments, or seller need manually to pay you commissions(transactions fees) per month if let seller collects payment.

By using Paypal adaptive payment method, you will be able to let customer (buyer) to you and sellers at the same time in one big transaction.

For more detailed information on Paypal Adaptive Payment API, please visit here

Available payment options
Paypal adaptive payment allow following different payment options

1. Simple payment
This is just a normal payment method that happens in 1-1 payment. For example, your customer pays store for purchasing products from your store. Or you (the store) pay a seller commissions.

2. Parallel payment
This payment method, allow 1-n payments, i.e. buyer(sender) pay to multiple receivers.

For example, a customer purchaser at your market place purchase some products from seller A $15 and seller B $60 total $75. You as store(market place) owner will keep $5 from Seller A and $10 from seller B. The final payment will be

Customer pays $75 in total in one big transaction, it will goes
-> Seller A :$10
-> Seller B: $50
-> Store(Market Place): $15

3. Chained Payments

Use the same scenario above, but we use different way of payment. This time we use Paypal Adaptive chained payment.

For example, a customer purchaser at your market place purchase some products from seller A $15 and seller B $60 total $75. You as store(market place) owner will keep $5 from Seller A and $10 from seller B. The final payment will be

Customer pays store(market place) at $75
Store(market place) pays Seller A $10
Store(market place) pays Seller B $50

Choice of payment option
When it comes to the choice of payment options, it really depends on your business needs and how you want customer sees the payments.

Simple payments, it is simple and easy to implement. But in case you are running market place or multiple sellers store, you will need to handle the commissions manually later. For this payment option, you can use any other payment method availble from Paypal, you don not need to use Paypal Adaptive payments.

If you want customer to see payments goes to sellers, then you can choose parallel payments.
If you want hide sellers from customer, then you have to choose chained payments.

But there is one thing you need to consider:
Chained payment method is considered as advanced service of Paypal, you will need to get approved from Paypal before you can use it. If you use simple payment or parallel payment, then you don not need get approved from paypal.

What you need to do
In order to use Paypal Adaptive Payment API, you will need
1. Get a API credential

Click here on how to get your API credential (No approval required)

2. Get an Application ID from Paypal for your payment module
You will get the Application ID instantly if you only use basic service
You will need to wait for 2 weeks or more to get Application ID because has to approve it

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to get your Application ID

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