Saturday, March 24, 2012

PrestaShop module - Agile PrestaShop Showcase module 1.0 released has released a new module - Agile PrestaShop showcase manager module. This module will help PrestaShop owner to promote their online store and your business by displaying showcases.

Agile Prestashop Showcases manager module

Main features
- Customer can list or submit his business or website as showcase at your online PrestaShop store, as long as they have purchased your products or service from you PrestaShop store.
- There will be latest showcase block to display on left column or right column based on your configuration of the Agile PrestaShop showcases manager module.
- There is a showcase list will list all showcase submitted with brief information
- The showcases list can be easily filtered out by products or services that provided at your Prestashop store.
- Each showcase will need admin to approve it  before it will be appear on front store.
- You can set a limit the number of showcases to be submitted by one customer to prevent spam.
- There is also a capcha to verify customer input to prevent spam post of showcases
- Admin is able to modify each field data of each the showcase at back office admin tab
- The following information is included in the showcase

site name/business
website url
website screen image
country/region (display with a flag and name
description of site/business
products or services used (multiple selection)
comment/reviews about the products used
For more information, please visit the product page - Agile PrestaShop Showcase Manager
You can see live demo and purchase this module at

Here are some screenshots
Showcase submit form

Showcase detailed

Showcase details at back office

Showcase approval and list at back office

Showcase list and latest showcase block

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