Saturday, October 20, 2012

PrestaShop module - Agile market place modules for PrestaShop released

Today Agile team announced a new release market place module for PrestaShop 1.5x. Agile Multiple Sellers/Vendors module and its accessory modules are now compatible with PrestaShop.

Core module Agile Multiple Sellers/Vendors module and its accessory modules have been a great solution for PrestaShop based market places. It's been loved by many market place owners who running PrestaShop store. There are a variety of accessory modules to meet your different market place business requirements.

Agile Market Place solution modules  
All following modules are integrated with Agile Multiple Seller/vendor module, are all ready for PrestaShop 1.5x 

Agile Seller Commission - handling seller account commission/balance/history/payment
Agile Seller Products - provide seller's own page, URL like a mini shop
Agile Seller Messenger - Provide communication between buyer and seller via message
Agile Seller Review/rating - Provide buyer a chance to rate and feedback on sellers, seller respond
Agile Seller List Options - Provide store a chance to charge a fee for special list options
Agile Seller Shipping - Provide seller private shipping, product level shipping features

Payment module for Agile market place solution
You can use any PrestaShop compatible payment for Agile Market Place at store collect payments. Below are payment modules that support seller collects payment mode.

Agile Paypal Adaptive (Parallel/chained payment) - seller and store money concurrently
Agile Paypal express checkout  - support multiple payment seller collects payment
Agile Bank Wire - support multiple payment seller collects payment
Agile Pay By Cheque - support multiple payment seller collects payment
Agile Google Checkout  - support multiple payment seller collects payment

About PrestaShop Multi-store/multi-shop 

PrestaShop 1.5x provides functionality of multiple store and multiple shop, it is a great feature. But it also brings some complexity to store usability specially at back office. All modules are tested under one store/shop mode, it has not been confirmed under multi-store/shop mode.

We are still probing a better way to implement multi-shop(for multi-seller) functionality in PrestaShop 1.5x, we may or may not use original multi-shop/multi-store function. We will make the decision and provide necessary function as soon as we can.

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You can also request live demo access thorough their product page.