PrestaShop Membership module

A new version of Agile Membership for PrestaShop is released today.

What is Agile Membership?

Agile Membership is a PrestaShop management module. It is easy to install and configure. It will help store owners manage their membership based online store effectively and focus on their on business.
With Agile Membership, you will have control of membership fees, membership expiration, member only access contents.


* Membership Fee settings for multiple type of membership types
* Membership Discount settings for multiple membership types

* Membership Expiration setting for multiple membership types
* Member only access contents access control based on permission setting
* Member access control is able to configure by page(include CMS page), by category, by product level
* Set show/hide membership information block on left/right column
* At back office, new tab Membership is added, you can confirm membership details.
* You can export membership information into Excel file, with filtering and sorting
* Access Permission Denied page will be displayed if user try to access member only contents but does not have privilege.
* My Membership is added to My Account. User is able to confirm membership at any time.
* Once membership is expired, module will automatically detect and revoke all privileges.
* User can choose membership at sign up
* User can purchase new membership (renewal) before membership expiration. And the new membership will automatically add on and expiration date will automatically calculated.
* User can use Voucher (issued by PrestaShop store) to purchase membership
* After sign up or log in, module will add user selected membership to shopping cart and redirect user to order page directly, if user has not purchased membership yet.

* Automatically send membership expiration reminder emails. (New 2011.07.15)
You can configure how many times and how many days should be reminder email be sent. For example, send 3 times 10 day, 5 day, 1 days before expiration.

some of customer websites

Where to buy?

You can get the module at following PrestaShop store.

Version up history
Version 1.0 - 2011.02.01
all basic feature released at first version.

Version 1.2.0 - 2011.07.15
* Automatically send membership expiration notice email before specified days. (New 2011.07.15)
You can configure multiple emails to send by different days before expiration. For example, you send 3 emails at 1 day, 3 days and 7 days before expiration.

Version - 2011.07.15
* Make all module files inside module folder, so make Zip installation available.
* A cancel button at Membership tab to manually cancel a membership (reset groups and default group)
* Automatically reset all expired membership groups and default group

Version - 2011.11.30
* automatic adding membership to cart as cofigurable item

Version - 2011.12.27
* free membership support
  Price = 0 memership is free membership
  Free free membership only can use once per user
  Dot not qualify message will be displayed at shopping cart if user try to order 2nd time the same free membership
  Even user order the same free membership again, it will not be added as valid membership

Some screen images from Agile Membership module

Module configuration screen

Sign up screen, user is able to select membership type

Right after sign up or log in, if user has not purchased membership yet,
Module will add user select membership to cart and redirect to order page

A new link/page is added to My Account, user is able to confirm his/her membership information at any time after log in.

A access permission denied is displayed when user access contents that is not allowed or does not has privilege.

At back office, a new tab Memberships is added, store owner is able to manage memberships at back office. Membership data export function with filtering is also avaliable.

Free membership is membership with price = 0
Free membership is limited to one time per user.
If user try to order same free membership, the following message will be displayed on the shopping cart.

You can get this module at here:

You can also see live demo here