Saturday, June 2, 2012

PrestaShop Module - Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module released

Today, Agile team released a new version of Agile Multiple Seller module With this new version, there are many new long waited new features and improvement are included. - 2012.06.02 - new features and improvement highlights- Changed to use company name as display seller name at back office
- Configurable to enable/disable category browsing and show all products in one place for seller  
- Configurable to display seller name on product list pages(category/home featured/search result)
  need to add one line line related to theme files
- Seller invoice -  display Seller Logo/Name/Address on PDF invoice file  and order confirmation email address 
- Split shopping cart into multiple orders if the cart contains products from multiple sellers. One order per seller.
-The installer will copy all override file automatically. Back up original file it is necessary.
- New tab under Order tab, to show list of products ordered, each seller can see their own products

About Cart/Order splitting
From version, the module is able to split one shopping cart into multiple order.  If customer has purchase products from multiple sellers, then the module will split the shopping cart/order into multiple ones. Each seller will have one cart and on order. This happen when customer finished payment or confirmed the orders. By this function, one order is always contain product from single seller. But customer is still able to purchase products from multiple sellers.
This also make following functions possible.

- Seller can manage the order status without affect other sellers.
- Show seller logo/name/address in PDF invoice
- Show seller logo/name/address in Order confirmation email
 (All thos functions are available in this core module)

About Seller Invoice
From version, the order invoice can have seller's logo, seller name, seller address in the PDF invoice. It is also possible to include seller name, seller logo, seller address in order confirmation email. Both are configurable to be easily to set on or off.

In order to include seller name, logo, seller address in order confirmation email, you need to add following keyword into order confirmation email templates.

About Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module - It is a PrestaShop based market palace module provide a solution to create your own market place like eBay and Amazon. There are variety of accessory modules make it flexible and meet your different business requirements and business needs. See the module product description page for other features and more detailed latest information here.