Monday, October 31, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Newsletters editor/manager module updated

We are proudly to announce that we have released new version of Agile News Letter module.

Agile News Letter is a PrestaShop module that facilitate your PrestaShop news letter mailing functionality. It is good promotion tool that helps you promote your online business. You can design/manage your news letter/mail templates by online HTML editor. You can select news letter target from different data source such your PrestaShop customer database, news letter subscribers, or even CSV data upload. You can easily manage/editing your mailing list by editing/adding/delete the entries in the mail queue. Mail delivery log is also available.

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With this new version, you will be able to leverage following new features
* show a what's new block on your front office to list the latest
* add new block What's new to list latest news letters, it could be hook on left or right column
* add new page to display all news letters hisotry sent from the store.
* add new page to display a selected news letters page, it is integrated into PrestaShop

With about 3 features will increase your site contents and keep your site updated frequently, and attract search engine to index morre pages. this will also will help increase your page SEO ranking.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

PrestaShop-tips- empower customer reviews and increase your sales

This tips is for any store owners, especially for PrestaShop owner.

Why customer reviews

On average, if you display customer reviews on your online shop, it will improve the conversion rate by almost 40% (based on some prestige organization's study). This figure should be enough to convince you to put product reviews/comment function on your product pages.

Agile product reviews/comments for PrestaShop can help you to empower your product review/rating on your online PrestaShop store and increase customer's confidences of to purchase your products.

Here are some features that makes different

* Display latest a few reviews on home page, that will keep your site being updated, it will attract search engines to visit to index more pages of your store, that will increase exposure of PrestaShop store.

* Configurable of waiting time to wait for next post, by seconds.
This allow you to control spammer and increase the customer's trust in your review/comments

* Configurable moderate review required or not
I suggest you moderate all reviews to filter out spammers.

* Configurable to send alert email to store owner
This feature will give you an alert email whenever some one post a review on your products. allow you moderate the reviews in timely manner.

* Configurable to use Capcha to preven spam when for guest reviewer
This feature will also increase anti-spam function of the review/rating. protect your site from spammer reviews/comments.

* There are 3 predefined Criteriions: Quality, Performance, Value
This make it easier for you to use the module by just change name of criteria, you can use it right away after installation. It also allow you add to remove criteria to fit your own needs. It is language sensitive.

* Apply criterion to different level: Whole Catalog, Category, Product
criterion and product mapping in one step
This give you flexibility of the review criteria. You can set different review criteria for different product or different category of product.

Let the great Agile Product review/comment/rating module help attract more customer and increase your sales.

You can see the module in action and buy the module at here

You can also request a live demo

You can request a admin access or ask questions here
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

PrestaShop module info - Agile Up-Sell/Cross-Sell module

Agile Up-Sell/Cross-Sell module is a module that intends to increase sales by prompt products based on the products that the client has viewed or added his/her shopping cart. You can use this for both up-sell and cross-sell type of promotions.

Compatible with PrestaShop 1.4.3 and higher

1.The module allows you to set two types of promotions: presale up-sell(cross-sell) or post-sale up-sell(cross-sell)

2.A new setting tab "Up-sell" is added to your PrestaShop back office product detail setting pages.

3.You are easily to input up-sell/cross-sell products by autocomplete search box. It is quick fast setting to save your maintenance time

4.You can set p-sell/cross-sell for specific related product, i.e. up-sell/cross-sell products are associated specific product.

5.You are able to collect following the promotional statistics information for your marketing promotion analysis.

Number of purchase - customers finally purchase the your up-sell/cross products
Number of clicks - customers showed interests to purchase your up-sell/cross-sell products
Number of refusal - customer does not show any interests of your up-sell/cross-sell products

6.The presale up-sell/cross-sell product will be pushed out at product detailed page while customer tries to purchase a product. See below screenshots.

7.The post-sale up-sell/cross-sell products will pushed out on carrier/shipping selection page during checkout process.

Back office:
1.At back end office, pre-upsell and post-upsell are defined for each product in an Upsell tab in the product section.

2.For each defined pre-upsell/post-upsell product, the statistics of the number times of clicks, number of people who purchase the products, and number of people who declines the product can be monitored.

Front office:
1.The pre-upsell happens just after a product is chosen. When the customer selects one product and enter the product page, the pre-upsell products will show below the main product's image. The customer can select any product to cart and continue shopping.

2.The post-upsell block shows the step "address" of the checkout process. It will show the pre-defined post-upsell products based on the products in the client's shopping cart. The client can add the selected post-upsell products to his/her cart.

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PrestaShop Modules Info - Agile Product review modile version 1.1 released

One of our popular PrestaShop module - Agile Product reviews module has a new version 1.1.
The new version just released today, in this new version we have enable place holder function for rating summary in product list such Home Featured and Category or Search Result.

We have listened your voice and opinions on PrestaShop module - Agile Product reviews module.

Here are some voices we heard from our customer

1. I want change the position of product review/rating summary in product list page such Home Featured or Category. Because I don't like default position.

2. I am using 3rd party themes, because the 3rd party themes uses different CSS and tag, so the module can not find the default location to display the product reviews and ratings.

3. I am creating my own themes, I just want to customize the position of Product reviews ratings summary.

Now with the new version, it will solve all your issue.

About Agile Product reviews/ranting modules.
Agile product Reviews module - it a PrestaShop module that allows your customer to leave reviews, comments and rate your products. It comes with a lot of more features compare with standard "Product Comments" module.

It increase the reliability of your product and attract more customer for you. It will also increase you site SEO ranking by keeping your home page updated frequently.

You can buy the module at

Saturday, October 1, 2011

PrestaShop Moudule Info - A new version of Agile Paypal Express Checkout module released

Good news to Agile Paypal users.
Agile Paypal 1.4 has been released today.
With this new version, following changes and improvements have been included.

Ver 1.4 (2011.10.01)
1. Use Ajax way to update carriers/country/state at Express Checkout - no page refresh any more, quick and fast
2. Integrated Redirect/subscription page into main page with header/footer/left/right columns.
3. Use a animated image show the progress while redirecting to Paypal - looks more professional
The above change 1. may fix some potential issue caused by "Automatically redirect to Canonical url".

Agile Paypal is a PrestaShop payment module that use Paypal.

It is express checkout module, that allow customer to checkout in just a few clicks, no customer registeration is required, it's fast quick checkout. Pay by Master/Visa/American Express at Paypal without registeration. It automatically creates customer account by information from Paypal and many more other feartures.

It also supports Paypal recurring payments to give you more options to collect your sale money and many more other features.

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