Saturday, October 8, 2011

PrestaShop module info - Agile Up-Sell/Cross-Sell module

Agile Up-Sell/Cross-Sell module is a module that intends to increase sales by prompt products based on the products that the client has viewed or added his/her shopping cart. You can use this for both up-sell and cross-sell type of promotions.

Compatible with PrestaShop 1.4.3 and higher

1.The module allows you to set two types of promotions: presale up-sell(cross-sell) or post-sale up-sell(cross-sell)

2.A new setting tab "Up-sell" is added to your PrestaShop back office product detail setting pages.

3.You are easily to input up-sell/cross-sell products by autocomplete search box. It is quick fast setting to save your maintenance time

4.You can set p-sell/cross-sell for specific related product, i.e. up-sell/cross-sell products are associated specific product.

5.You are able to collect following the promotional statistics information for your marketing promotion analysis.

Number of purchase - customers finally purchase the your up-sell/cross products
Number of clicks - customers showed interests to purchase your up-sell/cross-sell products
Number of refusal - customer does not show any interests of your up-sell/cross-sell products

6.The presale up-sell/cross-sell product will be pushed out at product detailed page while customer tries to purchase a product. See below screenshots.

7.The post-sale up-sell/cross-sell products will pushed out on carrier/shipping selection page during checkout process.

Back office:
1.At back end office, pre-upsell and post-upsell are defined for each product in an Upsell tab in the product section.

2.For each defined pre-upsell/post-upsell product, the statistics of the number times of clicks, number of people who purchase the products, and number of people who declines the product can be monitored.

Front office:
1.The pre-upsell happens just after a product is chosen. When the customer selects one product and enter the product page, the pre-upsell products will show below the main product's image. The customer can select any product to cart and continue shopping.

2.The post-upsell block shows the step "address" of the checkout process. It will show the pre-defined post-upsell products based on the products in the client's shopping cart. The client can add the selected post-upsell products to his/her cart.

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