PrestaShop Multiple Seller/Vendor module

About Agile Multiple Seller

Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop module that enable multiple sellers/vendors shares one PrestaShop store/shop.

Store admin is the owner of the PrestaShop store and control the access of the PrestaShop Store.
Multiple sellers/vendors share the same store with limited access, they can list/sell/manage their products/orders and collect their own sales.

Compatible PrestaShop Version
PrestaShop 1.4 or higher

Payment mode
There are two payment mode (who collect sale money?)

  • Store owner collect money - This is by default. All sellers/vendors share the same payemnt method, store owner collect money, then distribute to secondary sellers based on the contracts.
  • Seller collect money - Seller collect their own sales money. Seller/vendors will pay commission/transactions fee to store owner.

    Note: Current only Agile Paypal is available to for this payment method. more payment methods will come up soon.

Seller Account Management

  • Admin can register sellers/vendors at back office directly
  • Sellers/vendors can also sign up from front store - Configurable at module screen to enable this function or not
  • Sellers/vendors can have their own logo, address, payment account information
  • Seller/vendors can update/change their own seller/vendor account information
  • Admin has control of enable or disable sellers account from back office.
  • ellers/vendors own categories or products will be disabled automatically if the account is disabled/deleted

Catalog management

  • Sellers/vendors can have their own categories - configurable at module screen to enable this or not
  • Sellers/vendors can use shared (provided by the store) categories - but sellers is not bale to change shared categories.
  • Sellers/vendors can register unlimited products to shared categories or to their own categories
  • Admin can also register categories and then assign to specific sellers/vendors
  • Admin can also register products and then assign to specific sellers/vendors
  • Admin can register shared categories for all sellers to use

Product Listing

  • Seller info can be added as new tab to the product listing page
  • Seller location is linked to Google map
  • Is configurable to show the seller info tab or not

Order management

  • Admin can access/update all orders
  • Product seller/vendor will receive new order email notification automatically.
  • Sellers/vendors can only access their own orders related data
  • Sellers/vendors can update their own orders

   - Order list/order details
   - Customer
   - Address
Sellers/vendor Access permissions

  • Sellers/vendors access permission is controlled by PrestaShop Employee profile - Permissions tab
  • Sellers/vendors can edit/update their own data such as seller account, catalog, customer data, order data and so on.
  • By default, Secondary sellers/vendors can view the following information

    - Shared categories
    - Manufacturers
    - Suppliers
    - Manufacturers
    - Groups
    - Merchandise Returns
    - Customer Messages
    - Statuses
    - PDF

  • Admin can set more access permissions based on their needs and situation.
  • Seller/vendors can create and maintain their own CMS pages[ready]

Coming up features [not ready yet]

  • Store/Seller Sale statistics report
  • Seller commission/transactions fee setting and calculation
  • Payments support between sellers/store owner


Screen Images

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