Monday, March 14, 2011

[Module] - Agile pickup center - a PrestaShop shipping module for pickup location managements, linked to Google Maps

What it is
* Agile Pickup Center is a PrestaShop module that faciliate the local pickup shipping carrier and management functions.
* It is a Google map linked module, it is a easy to install/configure and powerful pickup location management tools.
* See attached screen images and features listed below.

Admin Features

* Automatically retrieve GEO (longitude, latitude) data at Pickup location admin page
* Able to set open date by weekdays for each pickup location.
* Able to set open time for different days
* Able to set location name for each pickup location
* Display pickup location on Order detailed page

User location selection features

* Display available pickup locations on Google Map
* Display detailed information of selected pickup location with Info Window on Google Map
* Display distances between shipping address and pickup location
* Able to filter out by distance from Shipping address
* Able filter out pickup location by distance

Support version

* PrestaShop ver1.3x and above

Where to buy



* Welcome to leave your comment and advices or new requirements.
* We also accept customizations.

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User order checkout - pick up location select

Admin page - location list

Admin pages, location detailed, automatically get GEO data from Google Maps

Selected Pickup location is displayed on order Detailed

Sunday, March 13, 2011

PrestaShop Tips - Paypal payment page header image issue

If you own Paypal business account, or what ever Paypal account you have, if you use to collect/receive payment, you are able to customize your Paypal payment page. Most Paypal acount owner know this and have already done so. Most important part is the header image of payment page.

Usually there are two way to set your Pyapl payment page header image.
1. You can set it at your Paypal account at Payal web site. For more detail, you can see my another blog here.

There is also a tricky way to have your https header image if you don't have https site. see my above blog link for detail.

2. You can set at your store site. For example at PrestaShop Paypal module screen, you able to set header image. it will overwrite the header image you set at your Paypal account.

This is very useful if you are using one Paypal account for multiple business/stores.

But at this moment, I found there is an issue when you use above 2nd option. It seems that there is a bug with Paypal side. Hope this issue could be fixed soon.

You can also find information at here: