Sunday, November 27, 2011

PrestaShop module - Agile Seller Commission mdule released

A new module Agile Seller Commission module that works with Agile Multiple Seller module has been released from This module will allow store owner to manage seller commissions and payments between seller and store owner.

The commissions structure is very flexible that could meet store owner's different business needs.

Here are some of the features

1. Commission rate setting

Transaction fee setting - Fees based on per transaction/order
Insertion fee charge - Fees based on percentage of toal sales amount
Combination of Transaction fee + Insertion fee

2. Different level of commission rate setting

Store level commission rate setting (default saret for all sellers)
Seller level commission rate setting (set different rate for different seller)

3. Commission calculation function
Automatically calculate commissions based on commission rate setting for each order
Automatically calculate seller account balance
Account summary(sales amount, commission amount) on specified period

4. Account history function
Detailed account history with following information
Commission occurrence - when order is confirmed
Commission cancellation - when order is cancelled
Payment seller paid to store owner - happens at "Seller collects Payments" mode
payment sotre owner paid to seller - happens at "Store collects payments" mode

5. Payment function - Paypal
It depends on Agile Multiple Seller payment collection mode:
Seller can pay outstanding commissions to store by easily click "Pay" button - "Seller collects Payments"
Store owner can pay seller sales with commission deducted - "Store collects payments"

6. Account balance
The module will automatically keep track of the seller account, you can see account balance at any time

7. Secured access permission control
All sellers can only see his/her own information, that is
- Transaction fee rate
- Insertion fee rate
- Account history
- Account balance
- pay seller via Paypal

Where can I see the demo?
You can have live demo to see how Agile Seller Commission module works with Agile Seller Module, Agile Paypal Express Checkout module (Only required at "Seller collect Payments" mode)

Demo site URL

You can get back office access by contacting

Where can I buy this module?
You can purchase this module and related module at
Agile Seller Commissions module

Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module

Seller is also able to see his/her own balance/account history/commission rates
(here is balance view)

Directly payment button for easy payment between seller and store owner

Seller account history - detailed transaction history- payment history

Insertion Fee setting - Store level or seller level total sale based commission (x%)

Transaction Fee setting - Store level or seller level transaction based commission (per order)

Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module
Agile multiple seller is one of the most popular modules of It allows multiple sellers and vendors to list and manage products for sell. Store owner has primary control of the store and sellers/vendors have limited access to the store.

Sellers are able to access their own products/orders/customers/...

See more detailed information, please visit here Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module

Friday, November 18, 2011

PrestaShop Tip - Evaluate your store and your catalog

Evaluate your store Catalog in just one glance!

In order to get an overview of your store, and more specifically, your store Catalog , just go to the "Stats" tab of your PrestaShop store back office and then click to "Catalog evaluation" in the left panel of your back office page. (it is near the bottom of the left panel)

In a glance, you will find out the strong and weak points of your entire Catalog and also all the items contained in this contrast table. The colors at the intersection of the item and the field considered (description, images, sales, stock) allow you to find out whether or not you must act to improve your offer.

First of all, define the rules and then benefit from an overview of the items and the fields considered. In this way, you will know what you are doing well (for example, the descriptions) and what you need to improve (for example, stock management).

It is you as store owner, who defines the criteria to evaluate yourself: the descriptions, images, sales and stock. Take your time and think very carefully when drawing them up. Consider your products and your Catalog so that that there is consistency, if you sell digital goods you will not have the same criteria as somebody who sells electronics product.

Blackberry factory reset - email setting does not working

Today, I factory reset my Blackberry Torch 9800, but after reset I was not able to make email accounts works.

here are the symptoms:
1. When go email account setting, there are already existing two mail accounts there, they are the ones I set before. I am just wondering why those still stay there after factory reset.

2. I was not able to add new email accounts and not able to delete the accounts either. No options there, no menus there.

3. It prompts me to input password to validate the account. But even I input correct password, the following error message is always displayed:

"sorry, unable to continue your session. please log in again."

I searched on internet, tried to find a solutions. there are many suggestions and solutions out there for similar issue, but no one worked for me.

Here are what I have tried
- 3 times factory reset.
- remove battery
- remove SIM card
- remove "service books" under
Options - Device - Advanced - Advanced System Settings - Service book
- and many others
- It took almost 3 hours, still no result.

I was so disappointed, before I give up, I found a solution

1. Access to blackberry website from blackberry

2. Choose your country or state

3. Then scroll down the page, until you find
Communicate - Email

4. Click the Email link and follow the email setup

You will be requested to move your email accounts, just follow all the instructions and when you finished it, you are done.

No idea, but I guess the email account are cached some where on Blackberry service server. Something like and DHCP IP address. when your device address is changed, but the server is still using your old address?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Seller Products module Version 1.1 release

You requested, we listened. For thos you are waiting for Seller Products page, now it is available.

During past months, we received quite a few reuqests from existing Agile Multiple Seller module customers asked for a page that can display new all products from a selected seller.

agile seller products product icon

Now the new module is ready. This module does more than you requested. It has following features

  • Displays a block to show top sellers based on past sales count.

  • The number of sellers to be displayed is configurable at module configure screen.

  • There is a link to page to list all seller.

  • Allow customer to borwse sellers with pagination.

  • It display all products from a specific seller that customer choose.

  • The products are listed in PrestaShop standard list style.

Please visit our product detail page for more details

agile seller products product - top seller block - seller list page

agile seller products product - top seller block - seller propducts page

What is Agile Multiple Seller module?

For those you are not exsting Agile Multiple Seller customer, here is basic information about what is Agile Multiple Seller.

Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop module that enable multiple sellers/owners/vendors share one PrestaShop store/shop. Primary Seller(owner of the Prestashop store) controls the access of the PrestaShop Store. Secondary owners can list/sell/manage their products/orders.

for more detail about Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, please visit product detail page here

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor version 1.2.5 release

Agile Multiple seller/vendor module 1.2.5 release

Thanks for making one of the best PrestaShop module providers. Todday, we proudly announced the new version 1.2.5 release of Agile Mutiple Seller module 1.2.5.

What's new?
With this new version 1.2.5 of Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, you will be able to leverage following new features.

- Hide products from other sellers in order alert email sent to seller and display a notes in indicate this matter.

- Hide products from other sellers in order detailed page at back office if current logged in is a seller. Seller can only see his/her prroducts even if the order contains products from other sellers. And a notes will be displayed to indicate this matter.

- Hide products from other sellers in PDF invoice at back office if current logged in is a seller. A note will be displayed to insicate this matter.

- Display following message in above order detail, PDF invoice or email alert send to seller, if the order contains products from different sellers. each seller can only see his/her own products.

"This order contains products from other sellers, they are hidden from you. But they they are visible to admin and your customer."

- Enable HTML editor for seller info description fields. So you will be able to create rich text by what you see is what get HTML editor.

- Fix the duplication display of customer in customer "Tab"

- Moved the "Seller Info" tab from "Employees" tab to "Customers" tab in back office.

Agile Multiple Seller, Multiple Vendor module for PrestaShop

What is Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module?

Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop module that enable multipele sellers/owners/vendors share one PrestaShop store/shop. Primary Seller(owner of the Prestashop store) controls the access of the PrestaShop Store. Secondary owners can list/sell/manage their products/orders.

There are many features and functions of the Agile multiple seller/vendor module will help you implement your own needs of multiple seller/vendor PrestaShop requirements. For detailed features and functions of Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module, please visit our product page here