Saturday, October 29, 2011

PrestaShop-tips- empower customer reviews and increase your sales

This tips is for any store owners, especially for PrestaShop owner.

Why customer reviews

On average, if you display customer reviews on your online shop, it will improve the conversion rate by almost 40% (based on some prestige organization's study). This figure should be enough to convince you to put product reviews/comment function on your product pages.

Agile product reviews/comments for PrestaShop can help you to empower your product review/rating on your online PrestaShop store and increase customer's confidences of to purchase your products.

Here are some features that makes different

* Display latest a few reviews on home page, that will keep your site being updated, it will attract search engines to visit to index more pages of your store, that will increase exposure of PrestaShop store.

* Configurable of waiting time to wait for next post, by seconds.
This allow you to control spammer and increase the customer's trust in your review/comments

* Configurable moderate review required or not
I suggest you moderate all reviews to filter out spammers.

* Configurable to send alert email to store owner
This feature will give you an alert email whenever some one post a review on your products. allow you moderate the reviews in timely manner.

* Configurable to use Capcha to preven spam when for guest reviewer
This feature will also increase anti-spam function of the review/rating. protect your site from spammer reviews/comments.

* There are 3 predefined Criteriions: Quality, Performance, Value
This make it easier for you to use the module by just change name of criteria, you can use it right away after installation. It also allow you add to remove criteria to fit your own needs. It is language sensitive.

* Apply criterion to different level: Whole Catalog, Category, Product
criterion and product mapping in one step
This give you flexibility of the review criteria. You can set different review criteria for different product or different category of product.

Let the great Agile Product review/comment/rating module help attract more customer and increase your sales.

You can see the module in action and buy the module at here

You can also request a live demo

You can request a admin access or ask questions here
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