Saturday, May 5, 2012

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile PrestaShop Seller Messenger module

A long waited customer and seller communication tool - Agile PrestaShop Seller Messenger module is released from Agile team today. This module is an accessory module of Agile PrestaShop Multiple Seller/Vendor module - a best solution of PrestaShop based market place.

This module provide a communication tool between customers or potential customer and sellers. Customer can post questions at PrestaShop front store product detail page. And all questions and answers related to the product are also listed in the product page for as reference information for new customers.

PrestaShop Front store

1. A new message on product page (product footer-before long description) will displayed as following
Got a question? Click [Seller Q&A] tab below to ask seller a question.
You can change the message by PrestaShop translation function at back office

2. A new tab "Seller Q&A" at product page on PrestaShop front store
- A question/contact form for (potential) customer to post new questions
- See other questions that have been asked by other customers and answered by seller
- The new question message posted by customer will be show up on the same tab immediately
- The new question message will be sent to seller by email to notify seller about new questions
- The Question and Answers list has pagination functions when message increased

PrestaShop Back office

A new tab "Seller Questions" is added under "Customers" tab
- Sellers and Admin can see the messages
- Seller and admin can see the messages reply the message
- Both customers message and seller reply message will be displayed on product page
- Each seller can only see/reply messages the belong to his/her products

Module configuration
- You configure whether customers are required to log in before they can ask questions
- To avoid spam, you can configure to "Use Capcha" or not.
- You configure to copy the email messages to store admin  or not.

For more information, please visit here

To experience live demo (with admin access, request at above product page), Please visit here

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