Friday, April 13, 2012

PrestaShop Module info - Agile PrestaShop Prepaid Credit Token module updated

A new version of Agile PrestaShop Prepaid credit token module ver 1.3.0 is just released. This is best solution for your PrestaShop based digital goods online store.
Agile PrestaShop Prepaid credit token module
With new version of the module you will have following new features

- Now support multiple repurchase of the same products by token.
In previous version, for downloadable products, if you purchase once, you can access the access the product for ever. So you can only purchase one time.  But for some digital goods business, it is allowed to purchase multiple (any) times for the same products. (for example, online games)

-If the product is re-purcahsable, then user is able to purchase multiple copies by inputting quantity before click "add to cart".

-A new tab "Token/Credits" at back office for Admin to see customer credit/token account history.

-Manually adjust customer token/credit account balance. Give token/credit to customer or revoke token/credit from customer.

Check out mode
There are 3 checkout mode available by this module
A. One Click Checkout - user can purchase products by using token in just one click. An order will be created immediately and automatically.  But user must have token enough/credit balance to purchase the selected products. If you user does not have enough token/credit, user will be redirected to tokens category to purchase tokens.

B. Normal checkout mode - user will add product to shipping cart first, use usual checkout process so that user can use both tokens and other payment method available at your store to purchase products. User can choose to use token or not and choose how many token to use. It is flexible.

C. Combination - This mode is much more flexible. The module automatically choose appropriate way of checkout. If user has enough tokens to purchase select  products, then it will use One Click Checkout, the order will be created immediately without going through all steps of checkout.

For more detailed information/features please visit here

For live demo with admin access, please visit here

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