Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PrestaShop Module - Agile Task/Job Scheduler for PrestaShop 1.3x/1.4x

Today, addons-modules.com has just released a new module - Agile Task/Job Scheduler for PrestaShop 1.3x/1.4x.

Agile task/job scheduler is a PrestaShop module that facilitates task/job scheduling function. By using Agile task/job scheduler, as PrestaShop owner/admin, you will be able to automate some of management tasks. For example you can set following task to be run automatically: store maintenance, announcements, daily stock/inventory report and daily order report by email.

  • You can schedule tasks/jobs to be executed at your specified time in PrestaShop
  • You specify frequency of the tasks/jobs by different intervals at minute, hour, week, day, month, or year level
  • For announcement tasks/job, you can select the announcement message display location such as home, left column, right column.
  • You are able to manage to tasks/jobs at your PrestaShop back office Tools - Tasks tab
  • You can easily enable and disable the task/jobs by one click at the task list
  • You are able to see the tasks/jobs execution history/log at your PrestaShop back office Tools - Task Log tab
  • You are able to specify to receive a email report of the task/job execution result, such as stock/inventory report, order sale report
  • The module is extensible, by using SQL Execution type of task/job, you can run any kind of SQL statement to update or get report from PrestaShop database.
  • By using Maintenance type of task, you can set your PrestaShop store to maintenance mode at scheduled time and restore to normal mode automatically.
  • By using Announcement type of task, you can display any messages ay your scheduled time, such as

Store maintenance announcement
Promotion announcement
News release announcement
Other kind of announcement

Demo site
You can have live demo experience here

Please contact us for admin access to the demo site

Where get the module
You can get more detailed information at

Screenshot images

List of task - back office - Tools tab - Tasks tab

Task details/editing page - back office - tools tasks

Task logs page - back office - tools tab- task logs tab

Announcement task - announcement displayed on home page
(You can choose to display on different locations such as left column/right column/home)

Task execution report by email report

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