Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tips to Evaluate your IT Solution Provider

6 Tips to evaluate your development partner

As the customer, how would you ensure that you are dealing with a service provider who can manage your requirements accurately? Sometimes even you are not absolutely clear as to what the requirements for your software product are.

Here are some tips on how to evaluate your development partner or service provider.

Examine the development partner/service provider for good documentation practices. Good Documentation is very important for effectively managing and implementing projects. A Requirements document is mandatory.

Examine your service provider's requirements document and verify that it truly reflects your needs.

Evaluate the development methodology for good processes. Ask your service provider/developer to submit their methodology and project plan. You can be assured that if your partner has well-developed processes, you will have a quality output.

In outsource models, communication is a very crucial aspect. Please ensure that your developer has clear and excellent communication channels.

Ensure that the scope of the project is well defined. Often, there are conflicts resulting out of poor understanding of the scope by either party.

Evaluate your development partner to see if they understand your business model. A service provider who sees the bigger picture of your business is always the better choice. His value additions can go beyond your specifications.

All the above information has been compiled from our experience and learning through interaction with over 125 clients across the globe, in building dynamic websites anchored in different business models for them. Read more about the services we offer.

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