Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Install EnterpriseDB on fedora 7.0

This memo is taken when install "EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.2" on fedora 7.0


Procedure of pre-installation and installation
Platform: fedora 7.0 (Linux) EnterpriseDB Version

0. Login as root
1. Download package enterpriseedb-linux-x86_82412.tar

2. Extract to any folder, e.g. /usr/src/enterprisedb8.2/, files are as following


3. run pre-Install.sh

cd /usr/src/enterprisedb8.2

if you set SELinux in enforce mode, it ask you change it to permissive mode, do it as instructed.

4. start installer of enterprisedb8.2

Product key: 3N4DS-3DZGP-KMF00-11C2X-XHHCY

5. change install destination directory to following when prompted


6. Set up Operating System User ID
the user created will be used for run the database server

passwd: ********

7. Set Up Database Administrator USer ID
this user will be used to administrate database use default(the same user for run the database server)

8. Data Destination and WAL Directory use default (EnterpriseDB home/data and EnterpriseDB home/data/pg_xlog

9.Setup Dyna Tune choose Development
Summary: port 5444 ....

10. Finish with run auto-update
Process exit with error code 1 and it could not be finished automatically. have to kill the process force.

At this moment, I had to de-install and re-intall it. I can not find a way to run the update so far.
please don't run the update when you finish installation.

to do list:
need to download ojdbc14.jar from oracle site and put it to sub folder jre1.5/lib/ext which is under EnterpriseDB home directory /u01/app/enterprisedb/

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