Friday, October 26, 2007

Software testing

To undertsnad what is software testing, you need to answer following quesitons

1. What is differency between software testing and SQA(Software Quality Asurance)

2. What levels of testing can you imagine?
Unit testing
Functional testing
Integration testing
System testing
System integration testing
Acceptance testing
Alpha testing -- a group of potential users or a tema of tester on developer side
Beta testing -- customer, end user, open publicly or open partially

3. What is Black/White/Grey Box Testing? and their differences.

4. What is a test case/suite/scenario?
Case ID, Category, prerequisite, Event, Action, Input, Expected Result, Actual Result

5. What is test script
test case, test procedure, test data

6. What is a testing circle
.requirement analisys/design
.test planning, test strategy, test bed creation
.test development: test procedures, test cases, test scenrio
.test execution
.test reporting
.retesting the defects

7. What is "Code coverage of testing"?

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