Tuesday, October 9, 2007

different features of EnterprinseDB

1. there is copy state for copying data between database tables and physical data files.

2. inheritance of database table. One table can inherit from another to share fields just like class of object oriented programming.

key word ONLY is used to retrieve data from base class only(without retrieving data from inheriting tables in hierachy)

3. Quated identifier are case senstive.

following two statement are the same:

Select * from Foo; Select * from foo;

but following statement are not the same:

Select * from "Foo"; Select * from "foo";

4. Dollar-Quated string constants

A dollar-quoted string constant consists of a dollar sign ($), an optional "tag" of zero or more characters, another dollar sign, an arbitrary sequence of characters that makes up the string content, a dollar sign, the same tag that began this dollar quote, and a dollar sign. For example, here are two different ways to specify the string "Dianne's horse" using dollar quoting:

$$Dianne's horse$$

$SomeTag$Dianne's horse$SomeTag$

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