Friday, October 12, 2007

EnterpriseDB update fails on fedora 7.0

update fails on fedora 7.0I have report following issue to support, but there is not reply. so I post it here. Hope someone could give some advice.

I am installing edb-linux-x86_82412 on Linux(32bit) fedora 7.0. The installation is going smoothly until last step "Finish". There is an option of "Update & Finish" at finish of installation. If I select this option. the update service will failed with following error(also see attached file):

"Process exited with an error:1(exit value:1)"

Once the error occurred, the installation can not be finished. and all related windows like Error window, Update Service window are all not able to be closed. No matter how long time you wait. The only way is to kill the processes forcibly. because EnterpriseDB is not installed correctly, so it ca not be started.

I have tried following things so far.
1. if not choose to update, then everything is OK.
2. finish installation firstly, then start update service, the same problem will occur.
3. once the update problem occurs, I have to reboot system and un-install it then re-install it.

Currently, I am using the installation without update, it works normally. But I think we need to update it someday, so please help find out the cause and tell me how to escape the problem.

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Alvin said...

Technical support replicated the problem and found out the cause and solution as following.

We are able to replicate your scenario at our end using Fedora Core 7(FC7). The problem you are facing is because of a missing library in FC7.
Please install the library '' and then run the updated EnterpriseDB Database Server, it should run fine.
You may use the following link(s) for downloading the required library:
(the link is not useful) For 32-bit:
For 64-bit:
The library (installation file) I got is from: