Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PrestaShop Tips - What is Silent Post of Authorize.NET and how it works

One of the most important feature of Authorize.NET payment gateway is the silent post. Silent Post of Authorize.NET is the same version of Paypal IPN (instant payment notification). If you know what is Paypal IPN, then it easy to understand what is Silent Post of Authorize.NET.

What is it?
When a transaction is completed (via SIM, AIM, ARB, or CIM), Authorize.Net’s servers will literally POST the details of the transaction to a URL you specify. In the server-side code for the page that the URL points to, you can read all of the transaction details as if they were fields on a form. The end user never sees any of this, it is all done server-to-server, thus the “Silent” part.

How to set it?
To add or edit a Silent Post URL to your production environment account:

- Log in to your Merchant Interface at
or for test environment.

- Click Settings in the main left side menu

- Click Silent Post URL

- In the URL text field, enter the URL to which the payment gateway should copy the transaction relay response.

For Agile Authorize.NET Express Checkout, please set is as following


Silent post will be incurred for successful SIM, AIM, ARB, and CIM transactions (this includes declines) as well as virtual terminal transactions. However, if a credit card on file within an ARB subscription has expired a transaction will not process thus you will not receive a Silent Post response, as you only receive Silent Post responses to transactions that process through your account.

Examples that use Silent Post
Agile Authorize.NET express checkout module is using Silent Post to update the order status, recurring payment and installment payment subscriptions.

A PrestaShop payment module accepts major credits payments via Authorize.NET. It is a Express Checkout module that allows customer finish checkout with minimum information without registration. It support one time payment, recurring payments for automatically reordering, it also supports installment payment that splits payment into multiple time pay.


Nelson Todd the Authorize.Net Guy said...

Very helpful article. Merchants seem very happy with Authorize.Net and how easy it is to maneuver around the features and settings.

Alvin said...

thanks for the comment.

Easy to configure, install for store owner and fast checkout for customer is most important feature that I took consideration when I developed the module.

Hope more and more PrestaShop will love this module.