Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PrestaShop Tip - How to hook Agile Paypal express checkout on Log in page

This tip is for PrestaShop owner who using Agile Paypal Express Checkout module.
By default,the Express Checkout is hooked on the shopping cart/order summary pages.
If user click "Checkout" button instead of "Cart" button to start checkout process, user will be redirected to log in page, lost the chance to use Express Checkout feature.

The module offers an option to force use going though shopping-cart/order summary page no matter user clicks on "Checkout" or "Cart" button. But this option seems only work on PrestaShop standard themes. For some customized themes, this option does not work.

So here I introduce a way that you can hook Express Checkout screen on log in page.
See below.

(please backup before change)
1. Modify PHP file

PrestaShop 1.3x
File location: YourSiteRootFolder/authentication.php

Find following two lines in authentication.php

if (!empty($back))
$smarty->assign('back', Tools::safeOutput($back));

Add following line right after above two lines

$smarty->assign(array('HOOK_AGILE_EXPRESS_CHECKOUT' => Module::hookExec('agileexpresscheckout')));

PrestaShop 1.4.x
File location: YourSiteRootFolder/controllers/AuthController.php,

inside of function preProcess(), find following two lines

if (self::$cookie->isLogged())

Add following line right after above two lines

self::$smarty->assign(array('HOOK_AGILE_EXPRESS_CHECKOUT' => Module::hookExec('agileexpresscheckout')));

2. Modify TPL (theme file)
File location: YourSiteRootFolder/themes/YourSiteTheme/authentication.tpl

Find following two lines

<h2>{if !isset($email_create)}{l s='Log in'}{else}{l s='Create your account'}{/if}</h2>

Insert following line in the middle of above two lines


After this, you should be able see the Agile Express Checkout shows up on log in page

Agile Paypal is PrestaShop module that enable customer checkout without going normal 5 steps checkout. Customer does not have to register an account finish check out just in few clicks. This will reduce your store customer drop out during checkout.
For more information about Agile Paypal Express Checkout, please see this link

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