Sunday, June 26, 2011

PrestaShop Module Info - Agile Pickup Center module new version released

As of today, the new version of Agile Pickup Center module 1.1 is released.
Agile Pickup Center is a PrestaShop module that faciliate the local pickup shipping carrier and management functions. It is a Google map linked module, it is a easy to install/configure and powerful pickup location management tools.

In this new version release, it now tested under all PrestaShop 1.4x versions and also added a new feature that allow you set shipping fee based on price or weight.

Here are some of other features

Automatically retrieve GEO (longitude, latitude) data at Pickup location admin page
Able to set open date by weekdays for each pickup location.
Able to set open time for different days
Able to set location name for each pickup location
Display pickup location on Order detailed page
Set shipping fee based on price or weight range (2011.06.24)

Display available pickup locations on Google Map
Display detailed information of selected pickup location with Info Window on Google Map
Display distances between shipping address and pickup location
Able to filter out by distance from Shipping address
Able filter out pickup location by distance

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