Friday, June 24, 2011

Agile Product Review moudle for prestashop

What is it

Agile product Reviews module – it a PrestaShop module that allows your customer to leave reviews, comments and rate your products. It comes with a lot of more features compare with standard “Product Comments” module.
Increase the reliability of and attract more customer for you. It will also increase you site SEO ranking.

Compatible PrestaShop version

PrestaShop 1.2x/1.3x/1.4x


1. Configuration:

Configurable of waiting time to wait for next post, by seconds.
Configurable moderate review required or not
Configurable to send alert email to store owner
Configurable of allowing guest reviewer or required log in for posting reviews

Configurable to show reviewers name or not
There are 3 predefined Criteriions: Quality, Performance, Value
Apply criterion to different level: Whole Catalog, Category, Product criterion and product mapping in one step

2. Usability

Lanugae sensitive – display reviews in user’s lanuage only by default,one click to include other languages.
Pagination of reviews list in product detailed page
Most validation is performed before post, so that user does not have to back and forth.
Duplication post is checked to avoid misuse or mistakes
Product average rating will be automatically displayed on following pages – home featured product list – category product list – search result product list – manufacturer product list
Display latest 3 reviews on home page (very good to SEO)
One click batch validation of customer reviews

Where to buy

You can buy the module at

You can also see the live demo of this module in action on above site.

screen shots


average ranting


review list pagination

average on product page

average ranting at home

average ranting at category

Other modules and free modules are available
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Agile Rotating Banner – Allow you display rotating banners on your different locations of your store.
Agile Prepaid credit/token – enables customer to use prepaid payment method to purchase product in click.
Agile Authorize.NET – an Express Checkout module payment module accepts major credits payments via Authorize.NET.

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