Saturday, November 6, 2010

PrestaShop Modules - Paypal Express checkout module allow check out without signup and login

What is Agile Paypal

Agile Paypal is a Paypal Express Checkout module for PrestaShop that allow customer use express checkout without requiring customer to sign up/log in. This module will redirect customer to Paypal payment page in less than 3 clicks. See demo screen or live demo at listed URL below.

Compatible PrestaShop Version

It is compatible with PrestaShop 1.3.x
It is also compatible with 1.2.x (added on Nov 29)

Express Checkout Screens demo

Just 3 Clicks to Payment (truly Quick, Fast and Express Checkout)

Perform Payment at Paypal

Back to store - "Welcome" email and "Order Confirmation" email received.

Live Demo and Buy it

You can experience Agile Paypal at following sites:

You can buy this module at here:

Important Notice

This module has fixed some bugs that still appearing on standard module Paypal 1.7(e.g, currency converting issue, customer selected currency lost).
See more information here

Some customer websites using this module

Some of the Features

  • Agile Paypal express checkout allow customer go payment in just simple 3 clicks.

  • Agile Paypal also allow customer to choose sign up or log in, it flexiable.

  • Agile Paypal will ask customer to registration if the the order is free order because payment is not necessary.

  • Agile Paypal will ask customer to agree on "Terms And Conditions" before go payment page

  • Agile Paypal will create a new account automatically with information posted from Paypal if this is the first order of the customer. Customer will receive "Welcome" email.

  • Agile Paypal will link orders to existing customers by Paypal account email address

  • Agile Paypal will use default carrier automatically.

  • Agile Paypal will create a new state if the address posted back from Paypal contains state and it is not found in store database. And also an alert email will be sent to store Owner.

  • If your store only ship to one country, you can hide the country selection, make more simple. This could configured at module configuration page.( available for PrestaShop 1.3x and above)

  • Now support more than one carriers, the carriers selection is added at Express Checkout screen. ( available for PrestaShop 1.3x and above)

    Alvin said...

    Why use Agile Paypal Express Checkout module?

    - Save customer time
    - Avoid potential errors

    This module does not ask customer to input any information except selecting a country. (You can have a demo at sites listed in my this post) Customer is redirected to Paypal site directly. Customer information is collected from Paypal after payment, so some kind of errors are avoided.

    For example, if the store does not configure correctly, some errors may occurs, one of this errors is related to “State” setting. If the country contains “state” or province, but your store is not configured correctly, then the error will occur, and customer will be bounced back to your store from Paypal. For more information about this error, SEE HERE

    Doug said...

    Just had Alvin install this great module on my site. This is the missing link to getting more orders and less abandoned shopping carts! fellow is sharp and knows what he is doing….very professional and affordable!

    Five Stars!
    stainless all clad

    Spiders Web Design said...

    Dear Readers getting error on prestashop 1.4 with Express checkout module for verison 1.3/1.4

    error: Currency Restriction: (Invalid currency restriction setting for this module)

    please help us we are stuck
    thanks chris

    adult sex toy videos said...

    I need to get the upgrade to version 1.4 the 1.3 version i have does not work. What is the price?

    Alvin said...

    Thanks for asking.

    The price changes, you can go to to check the current price.