Thursday, November 18, 2010

PrestaShop Tips - How to use Paypal Sandbox test

What is Paypal Sandbox?

Sandbox is a set of tools and resources to enable developers and merchants to develop eCommerce web sites and applications using PayPal web services. Most important purpose is to perform testing.

What you have to do

Most people are confused by Sandbox account and testing account, and so don't know what to do, how to use Sandbox.

Here are basics steps you will need to follow to do test.
1. Sign up an Sandbox access account. By signing up this account, you will gain access to Sandbox. But only this account, you will not able to perform test.

To sign up , click here
To log in, click here

2. Create a Business Sandbox test account to represent your business, seller or merchant. At prestaShop, you will be need set this email address of this account to related Paypal module.

After you logged in to your Sandbox access account. You will see links on the left top corner. "test accounts" is among them. Click this link to start create test account.

3. Create one or more usually Personal Sandbox test account to represent customer, the buyers, purchasers.

After you created those account, now you ready to perform testing.
For more information, visit Paypal Sandbox Overview

Some tips

During your test, you must logged in to Sandbox with your Sandbox access account. Otherwise, following error will appear when you are redirected to Paypal Sandbox.

In order to test with SandBox account, you must remain logged in to Sandbox account.

You will not receive any email from paypal for those Sandbox test accounts. But you will be able to confirm them by access "test email". There is a link locates at the left top corner of your Sandbox access account home page.


Fred said...

On the test accounts that you setup in paypal sandbox, are these full blown setups with link to credit card or bank account or just accounts with email addresses for testing?


Alvin said...

only the main address is real email address. All other address is fake address.

You will have to check all email at your main sanbox account. No emails will really be sent out.

All bank info and credit card info should use fake ones.