Monday, November 29, 2010

PrestaShop Info - New version of PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout module/addon is relased

A new version of Agile Paypal - A PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout module is release. In this version, it fixed a a few bugs and support lower version of prestaShop 1.2.x.

This module allow customer check without registration in less than 3 clicks. The module will create/register customer with information from Paypal automatically after payment is done.

Now it supports both PrestaShop 1.2.x and PrestaShop 1.3.x
The module is currently on sale at very low price.
You can order the module here


* Module supports both express checkout and normal checkout
* Module allow customer to select Express Checkout or normal checkout with registration.
* When customer choose normal checkout all process will be as just standard PrestaShop.
* Module will ask customer to agrre on "Terms and Conditions" before redirecting to payment.
* Module will create a new account automatically with information from Paypal for the 1st order of the customer. Customer will receive "Welcome" and :Order Confirmation" emails.
* Module will link orders to existing customers by Paypal account email address from 2nd order of same customer.
* Module will create a new state if the address posted back from Paypal contains state which is not found in store database. And also an alert email will be sent to store Owner

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