Saturday, November 27, 2010

PrestaShop TIPS - How to fix default Carrier issue

In PrestaShop, there is a default carrier setting at back office. But I found there are some issue with AdminCarrier tab in PrestaShop back office.

Issue I found
1. Every time when I update existing carrier, the ID of carrier will be changed. After several time changes, ID of of carrier "CanadPost" from 3 to 35.

2. There is carrier drop down list of carrier for you to set Default Carrier, but no matter you change to which carrier as default and click "Save", the default setting in database never updated. It is kept as original 2.

Because of above issue, there are a lot of problems will occurs. Here is one of the problem that occurred to me.

Shipping fee is always 0

The only solution to this issue is manually set default carrier at database.

1. Check the ID of carrier you want it to be Default Carrier at your back office.
2. Go to your database admin tool such as MyPhpAdmin, look for table ps_configuration,
3. Look for record with name = PS_CARRIER_DEFAULT and change the value to the ID of the carrier you want to set.

Done. You have fixed the issue.

Other tips to configure shipping correctly.
1. Check if your zones are set correct, status is active
2. For each shipping country. Shipping zone? Contains state?
3. State, you can set shipping zone at state level
4. Make sure your carrier is available to correct customer groups

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