Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PrestaShop Tips - Can not find the modules at back office module tab

Many PrestaShop owners claimed that they can not find the module that they are looking for, especially at PrestaShop 1.4 and higher. This is because at PrestaShop 1.4, the modules are arranged in different sections and the by default the sections are closed.

But the in Prestashop 1.4, it also provides a search function to help you find out that module that you are looking for. The problem is that most people missed the search conditions (filters).

Here are few things to check and try
1. Check the search conditions (filters), make sure you have choose to show all modules

All modules
Installed & uninstalled
Enabled & disabled
All countries

2. Make sure your module folder and files physically exist under modules folder at your site


3. Make sure you have set correct file/folder permissions

folder permission: 755
files permission: 644

4. Make sure there is no errors. If there is any error occurred when you landing modules tab. some modules may not able to be included.

set 'display_errors' to 'on' as following in file YourSiteRoot/config/

ini_set('display_errors', 'on');

For example, following screen shows there is an error in bankwrie.php module at line 43

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