Thursday, May 5, 2011

[Module] - Agile Rotating Banner - PrestaShop module that displays banners on mutiple locations conncurrently, header/top/home/left/right/footer

A new PrestaShop module - Agile Rotating banners is just released.

What is it

It is PrestaShop rotating banner module that allows you display banners in different locations such as Header, Top, Home, Left, Right, Footer of your PrestaShop. Rotating interval and delay time, banner size, title, URL are all configurable.

PrestaShop Compatibility

Compatible with all PrestaShop versions
PrestaShop 1.2, PrestaShop 1.3x, PrestaShop 1.4x

Available banner display locations at your PrestaShop



* You can choose display banners in different location of your PrestaShop, such header/top/left/right/home/footer
  (see below screen shot for more detail of locations)
* You can choose display banner at one or more locations concurrently.
  for example, you can choose to display on left only, or display on both left and right.
  you can choose to display header and right and so on, any combinations.
* You can configure the banner size (width/height) for each location separately.
* You can configure banner rotating interval for each location separately.
* You can configure banner rotating delay time for each location separately.
  This could avoid the multiple banners switch images the at the same time.
* There is no limit on the number of images for each location.
* Each banner image could have its own title (for search cache key words), URL.
* Data is saved in XML file so you can manually FTP the images and edit the file directly.

  Save your time to upload one by one.

* You can also use for video. For example, you can use YouTube video as URL

Module configuration screen

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