Friday, April 15, 2011

PrestaShop Tips - Web Serivce function in ver 1.4

If you are an owner of PrestaShop 1.4, you may or may not noticed that in this new version, it provider web service functionality. This is one of the new features PrestaShop 1.4

What is "Web Service" of PrestaShop?
PrestaShop's Webservice allow third-party applications to accessing resources of PrestaShop : orders, products, address,countries,customers, etc...

Like the front-office and the back-office, the Webservice is a way for managing data of your shop.

When do you need to use WebService
This tab must be used only in the case of using a third-party application (web or software) or by a developer.

For example, if you want manage your PrestaShop data from other website. Or you want to retrieve data from PrestaShop to use for other web site. You can use this web service feature.

How to configure?
At back office, Tools - Web service tab

Click a new to create a new web service.
1. Set or generate key
2. Set sttaus
3. Set description
4. Set data access permission of the web service

Click save

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