Thursday, April 21, 2011

PrestaShip Info - Agile Multiple Seller/owner/vendor module 1.0 just release

About Agile Multiple Seller
Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop module that enable multiple sellers, multiple owners or multiple vendors shares one PrestaShop store/shop.

One primary Seller who is owner of the PrestaShop store and control the access of the PrestaShop Store.
Secondary owners share the same store with limited access, they can list/sell/manage their products/orders

Admin Features
* Primary owner has full access to all the resources of the store(admin)
* Secondary owners share the store with limited access to stores.
* Secondary owners access permission is configurable by the primary administrator via Employee - Permissions tab
* Primary owners can register secondary owner
* Customer can also become a seller if they sign up for a seller account.
* It is configurable by primary seller to allow customer seller or not.
* It is configurable to create customer seller automatically at sign up or not.
* New order email notices are sent to secondary seller.

Access permissions

* Secondary owners can add/view/edit/delete of following data that created by themselves or belongs to them. Products Orders Customers Address

One order/address/customer may have multiple owners, all owners have share the same access

*By default, Secondary owners can view the following information Categories Manufacturers Suppliers Manufacturers Suppliers
Groups Merchandise Returns Customer Messages Statuses PDF

* If necessary, primary owner can set more access permissions based on their needs and situation.

Seller account
My seller summary page is added to show basic products/orders/sales information
A My seller account link is added to My Account page and My account block

More and more seller account stats information are coming up soon.

Where to buy
You can buy the module at

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CentralHeat said...

can you tell me how to upgrade the template ver 1.3.x to 1.4.



Alvin said...

I don't think there is something like a converter to upgrade an old version of 1.3x PrestaShop template to 1.4 PrestaShop template.

I guess the only way is to install your 1.3x template on 1.4x PrestaShop, then test it, fix problems one by one.

Because different template of 1.3x template will have encounter different issue on 1.4x.

Maybe you can also contact the template author if they provide upgrade.