Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PrestaShop Tips - Wrong shipping address bug in standard Paypal PrestaShop paypal module

If you are PrestaShop store owner and are using standard PrestaShop Paypal payment module, please note that there is a bug if your choose different billing address and shipping address.

The Problem

If you customer registered two addresses at your PrestShop store and choose to use different address at checkout, the standard prestaShop Paypal will pass billing address(invoice address) as shipping address (delivery address). Your customer will be confused when he/she is redirected to Paypal, because at Paypal payment page, it will display the "billing" address as shipping address.

See attached screen for detail.
PrestaShop Paypal module pass wrong shipping address

PrestaShop Paypal module pass wrong shipping address

This is a minor bug. It will confuse customer.
But if you also use Paypal to print shipping label, then it is a critical issue.

This bug appears in most of the standard Paypal module such as 1.6/1.7/2.0


If you know how how to code PHP, you can fix it in file redirect.php by replacing id_address_invoice with id_address_delivery.

$address = new Address(intval($cart->id_address_invoice));

I suggest you buy Agile Paypal - a PrestaShop Express Checkout Module, that you can have many more features such as
  • Agile Paypal express checkout allow customer go payment in just simple 3 clicks.

  • Agile Paypal will create a new account automatically with information posted from Paypal if this is the first order of the customer. Customer will receive “Welcome” email.

  • Agile Paypal will create a new state if the address posted back from Paypal contains state and it is not found in store database. And also an alert email will be sent to store Owner.

  • You can find Agile Paypal - PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout here

    All bugs found at standard Paypal modules have been fixed at Agile Paypal - PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout module.
    also include this bugs discussed in this post


    Lorena said...

    Hello, i have a problem. Look my site plis, try to register and you will see error
    "There are no carriers available that deliver to this address."

    I'm doing wrong?

    THANXS, sorry my english im from uruguay


    Alvin said...

    I think you have not set the shipping carrier related correctly.

    Please check if you have set following info correctly.

    1.Group Restriction
    2.Zone Restriction(country,state)
    3.Price range for the carrier if shipping charge is based on price
    4.Wright range for the carrier if your shipping charge is based on weight.

    Hope this helps