Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PrestaShop Tips - prestashop-paypal-express-checkout-how-to-change-shipping-address

Some of my customers (PrestaShop store owners) asked me questions about the possibility of changing shipping address when use Express Checkout of Agile Paypal(A PrestaShop Paypal Express Checkout module). It takes a little bit of time to explain to them, so I decided to write post here to share.

Because Express Checkout does require customer to input address information, so most store owners think that customer can only use billing address at Paypal as shipping address. This is a mistake. Customer can choose any other address as shipping address at payment page. Customer even can add new address and register to Paypal at Paypal payment page.

No matter the customer already has Paypal account or use credit/debit credit, the adding/changing shipping address function is always available.

Here is how to change shipping address at Paypal payment page.

1. After you login to Paypal account, you will be prompted to review order and payment information. In this page, there is a "ship to" section as shown below.

If you don't have Paypal account yet and choose to use credit, after you input credit information, the same screen will be displayed.

2. At above screen, click "change" link. All existing registered addresses will be displayed as below. You could choose any address as shipping address.


3. At above screen, if you would like to add new address, just click "add new", then following screen will appear, you will be able to add new address, and this address will be registered at your Paypal account, you can use it as shipping from now on.

Above function has been confirmed in both real public service environment and SandBox testing Environment.

What Is Agile Paypal

Agile Paypal is a Paypal Express Checkout module for PrestaShop that allow customer use express checkout without requiring customer to sign up/log in. This module will redirect customer to Paypal payment page in less than 3 clicks. See demo screen or live demo at listed URL below.

See here more detail information

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