Monday, October 11, 2010

PrestaShop Tips - How to fix hack attempt error

At PrestaShop, if the system detect any inconsistent data, it will display "Hack Attempt". You will be surprised when you see this error. But in most cases, it is not because of hack attack. It is because of consistent data detected.

Here are a few of those cases that will cause this error.
1. If you use bookmark of a URL of PrestaShop site, and the URL contains some kind of token, next time when you access the same site from the bookmarked URL, this error will occurs.

2. If the address ID in an order record could not be found at address table, this error will also occur.

3. If your state ID in your address record could not be found in state table.

4. The system can not find the default country.
You can define default country at back office - shipping - countries

These are just a few examples.

If you experience this error, but you don't think is it hack attack, then try to figure if there is any data problem.


Mike Kranzler said...

I'm a PrestaShop Community Manager, and just wanted to let everyone know that we identified and patched the hack within 24 hours of the first sighting, and invite you to visit our forums at for any additional questions you may have about how this happened or what we have done to prevent it from happening again. I will be there to answer your questions personally.

-Mike Kranzler

Alvin said...

thanks Mike,
I have noticed the forum thread about recent hacker attack. I have done based on your instruction at the thread.

thanks for PrestaShop team prompt action and thanks for your information.