Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PrestaShop Tips - How to enable password confirm at singn up

When you sign up a new account online or at any application, most cases you will be asked to input your password and then re-type it for confirmation to avoid mistakes. But at PrestaShop, you will NOT be asked to input confirm password (re-type your password), this brings trouble to some careless customer who mistypes the password without awareness. Because of this, many store owners are looking for a solution to enable password confirm functionality.

Here you will find the solution that enable your customer to retype password for confirmation (password confirm) at account sign up at PrestaShop.

1. Add a new field to the sing up for password confirm at file ./themes/YourTheme/authentication.tpl.
Search in file authentication.tpl for following blue highlighted text class="required password", you will find following exiting code for password field.

<p class="required password">
<label for="passwd">{l s='Password'}</label>
<input type="password" class="text" name="passwd" id="passwd" />
<span class="form_info">{l s='(5 characters min.)'}</span>

Insert the following new code right after above code.

<p class="required password">
<label for="passwd_confirm">{l s='Confirm password'}</label>
<input type="password" class="text" name="passwd_confirm" id="passwd_confirm" />

2. Add validation to validate password is matched at ./authentication.php
Search in file authenticatio.php for following blue highlighted text isSubmit('submitAccount'), you will following code

if (Tools::isSubmit('submitAccount'))
$create_account = 1;
$smarty->assign('email_create', 1);
$validateDni = Validate::isDni(Tools::getValue('dni'));

if (!Validate::isEmail($email = Tools::getValue('email')))
$errors[] = Tools::displayError('e-mail not valid');
elseif (!Validate::isPasswd(Tools::getValue('passwd')))
$errors[] = Tools::displayError('invalid password');

Append following code right after above code

elseif (Tools::getValue('passwd') != Tools::getValue('passwd_confirm'))
$errors[] = Tools::displayError('your password and confirm password input do not match');

3. Congratulations! You are done. You can test your work now.

If your store are supporting multiple language, you will need to translate a new password confirm validation error message.

On how to translate, see PrestaShop related documents.


Anonymous said...

Thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

Have tried this in version 1.4.4 and it doesn't work :-( Is there an updated version of this? It's really a great idea and avoivs those undeliverable emails to customers who make typos!

Alvin said...

the code should be the same for 1.3x and 1.4x.

The only different is that in 1.4x, the PHP code should in controller class file which is at


As long as you put it correctly, it should be working.

Anonymous said...

For prestahop 1.4.3 and above i think

go to the last page ( 3 at this time) find post by fcarlao;


Alvin said...

thanks for comment and sharing the information.