Thursday, January 13, 2011

PrestaShop Tips - "There are no products" of category with subcategories


As PrestaShop owner you will find a annoying message "There are no products" when you created a category with some sub-categories, but all products are only assigned to subcategories. In this case, when customer click on the parent category, the following message will be displayed, but there a lot products in its sub-categories.

There are no products.


There are two ways to solve this problems.

This seems happening at 1.3x

Solution 1.
Set all products in the sub-categories to belong to the parent category too. One product could belong to more than one category.

Solution 2.
Make some changes make above "There are no products." only appear when the category is empty and also there is no sub-category.

Please make change at file /themes/yourtheme/category.tpl

Replace this line
{if $nb_products == 0}{l s='There are no products.'}

with following 4 lines

{if $nb_products == 0}
{if !isset($subcategories)}
{l s='There are no products.'}

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